Victory Refrigeration Raises The Bar On Built-In Appliance Monitoring

Victory Refrigeration

If you are in need of refrigeration for a hospital, university, grade school, or you need a commercial refrigerator for your restaurant, there is a gold standard for commercial fridges and it’s made by Victory Refrigeration. TFS sat down with Victory’s VP of Sales, Alex Tappe to learn more about what Victory refrigeration brings to the table.

Victory has been in the industry for about 78 years now, originally based out of Philadelphia, the company has moved its headquarters to Winston-Salem, NC, while staying true to their roots and moving all of their manufacturing to Brookeville, PA. Today, Victory Refrigeration continues to be an industry leader through innovation, creativity, and an overall more aesthetic product.

Over the past few years, Victory has continued to innovate with new ideas and programs for their equipment. “A few years ago we introduced something we called Secure Temp Technology, this is basically a monitoring system that comes standard in every single Victory product,” Tappe stated. This monitoring system ensures Victory customers with 24/7 monitoring at no extra charge. Victory is the first company to introduce this with a refrigeration line as a standard option.

Victory Refrigeration

With a clear commitment to their customers, Victory updated their Secure Temp Technology under the new name of Secure Temp 1.0. Victory has the technology for over a year but is now upgrading to a new version which will allow Victory customers to use the same monitoring system without actually having to use Wi-Fi in the building. Through shying away from Wi-Fi and shifting to transceivers, Victory equipment will be able to connect with any other Victory product in your kitchen to your computer, tablet, or mobile device.  Victory’s new product will even send you an email or text message the second your temprature steps above your desired temperature.

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As part of the 2017 initiative Victory has been showcasing their new standard secure temp technology along with their new touch point controller. With simplicity and aesthetic in mind, Victory has redesigned their standard remote to help fit the brand. The new controller is full of features and benefits from energy saving mode to defrost scheduling. You can see the new controller at the upcoming NRA show in May. With simplicity in mind, they have redesigned their standard product for the spec brand. “We will be unveiling a new display controller that will start shipping out standard with all of our products, we decided to go in a contemporary state of the art type of controller with a unveiled display. We stayed away from buttons and tried to create a sleek functional controller that is like an iPad,” Tappe concluded.

Victory RefrigerationVictory builds all of their products with 20 gauge stainless steel doors, santoprene door gaskets, all expansion valve technology and stainless steel breakers. “We are building a unit that is built to perform in the toughest environments in an institutional setting,” Tappe added. In plain terms, Victory fridges and freezers are built to last. Don’t be surprised if your Victory refrigerator lasts you 25-30 years or find one out in the field that’s even older than that.

Through these small thoughtful innovations is how Victory is able to stand out amongst all of their many competitors. In simple terms, Tappe and the rest of the Victory family understands that anyone purchasing Victory equipment is making an investment that we can store their food properly. “Because our products are monitoring temperatures 24/7 you can sit back and feel secure that your food will be stored properly,” Tappe said. The new secure temp will blast an email to your phone and any other permitted persons the second your temperature steps below your desired temp. Aside from these seriously cool features, Victory products are as quality as quality can get.

To learn more about Victory Refrigeration, please visit their website.