Vesta Brings Professional Sous Vide to Next Level

Vesta Sous Vide

Vesta is introducing the next generation of sous vide cooking for professional chefs and other food service professionals worldwide. Developed in France in the 1970s, over the past decade in particular, sous vide is a culinary technique that continues to grow in popularity in both domestic and professional kitchen applications.

Vesta Sous VideWith the sous vide technique, food is vacuum-sealed in a food-grade vacuum pouch and cooked in a water bath at a precisely consistent low temperature for an extended period of time, compared to other cooking methods. Seattle based Vesta aims at helping chefs become both more efficient and more flexible through this technique, and it is already getting a phenomenal response.

Bob Lamson has built a career creating new solutions for the food and beverage industry. His and colleagues’ Breadman bread maker and Juiceman juice extractor products went on to become legends in the 1990’s. With multiple consulting roles in the development of other kitchen products, he also then co-founded and led as CEO the first consumer/domestic sous vide product, SousVide Supreme, in 2008.

Vesta Sous Vide“A decade later, sous vide has a now well-established reputation within the consumer/retail marketplaces being ideal for families with busy schedules and health-conscious lifestyles,” Lamson noted. The technique delivers easy meal solutions that make dinnertime convenient and virtually foolproof. Restaurants and foodservice operators facing a new series of operational challenges, including increased minimum wages, are also embracing the sous vide technology for kitchen efficiency.

“Our commercial customers love the fact that they can ensure consistent quality and flavor profiles while improving kitchen economics,” Lamson added. Cooking through this technique helps increase commercial kitchen efficiency because cooks can simply season and vacuum seal their food and let the sous vide cooker take care of the rest. The real operational savings with our sous vide program, come with its multi-tasking effect — the ability to vacuum seal the food, immerse the package in a water bath, set the temperature and then be off doing other things with minimal worry about over-cooking.”

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Vesta is proudly offering a wide range of professional sous vide equipment and customer support to easily and cost-effectively integrate this dependable way of cooking into commercial kitchens of all sizes. “Our commercial food service customers rely upon our sous vide program’s ability to cook with precise temperatures and maximize the use of their time,” continued Lamson.

Vesta Sous Vide

“With Vesta’s technology, food service professionals of all types are creating meals which are full of flavor with tender and juicy results every time. The most amazing feature of this cooking technique is that it can be used to cook almost anything, and simply removes the hassle of watching high-temperature pots and pans or flipping food throughout the cooking process. Furthermore, since the vacuum-sealed food is in a water bath, there is no risk of burning, and the results are packed with flavor. With endless possibilities and consistent results, chefs can basically create delicious recipes effortlessly, and enjoy the reward of a beautifully prepared meal every time the recipe is used,” Lamson said.

Lamson also explains how the Vesta sous vide program can create cost savings while also enhancing quality. “We have found that in many cases, a restaurant can replace a more expensive cut of beef with something like flank steak. Marinated, it can cook for 4 to 8 hours and just pops with a flavor that customers love.”

Vesta Sous Vide

“Another great example can be a steakhouse which cooks 12 steaks but only sells four of them. The chef can then quick-chill the remaining steaks, retherm 24 hours later and use them with no compromise in flavor or safety. In fact, as we speak, we have a team in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico helping a resort get ready for its winter season by incorporating our system into their food service program.”

To ensure high quality for all its products, Vesta ensures that everything manufactured, including the vacuum-seal pouches it produces, are held to the highest standard of quality. Top-quality customer satisfaction is assured by offering exceptional customer service in support of a 2-year warranty on all products.

The Vesta website features an extensive online store with a separate product category for the professional chef. There are also a variety of chamber vacuum sealers available from the online store and the entire product range is available with remarkably affordable pricing options.