Ventless 101: What is Simplifry Technology?

ventless simplifry technology
Watch the video below to see how Simplifry technology works.
Article contributed by Bess Wightman, Marketing Manager for Motion Technology Inc. 

Since its creation nearly thirty years ago, AutoFry™ has been pushing the envelope on kitchen innovation. From its automated frying process to the built in ANSUL fire suppression system, AutoFry has always led the charge when it comes to ventless frying.

Ten years ago, we released a new and unique feature on our AutoFrys called Simplifry™ technology and it’s been changing user confidence ever since. As it turns out, there’s still many people who don’t know what the Simplifry feature is and how it can benefit their business, so today let’s dive in to AutoFry’s smartest feature.

What is Simplifry?

Simplifry is a revolutionary heat/time compensation intelligence that will automatically adjust cooking time based on the quantity of product being prepared per fry cycle. This process ensures that, whether you’re preparing two orders of fries or five, your product is cooked to perfection every time.

How does it work?

Every AutoFry is built with a hyper sensitive temperature probe that measures the temperature of the oil within the unit. With our Simplifry feature, the temperature probe detects how much the temperature drops when food has been dumped into the machine. The AutoFry then adjusts the cook time to compensate for that drop-in oil temperature.

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Having this feature on your automatic deep fryer is like having a skilled fry cook on your team. A great fry cook can watch and tell when your fries are ready to be removed from the oil. AutoFry can do the same thing all on its own!

How does this help me?

The benefits of having Simplifry as an integral part of the AutoFry are twofold. First, you’re going to cut down on waste and save money, as you’ll never run into burnt or undercooked product. Second, this feature allows AutoFry to act independently, so you don’t have to hire another person to be your fry cook. All you need to do is load the food into the machine and serve!

Plus, in the world of online reviews and social sharing, consistency is more important than ever before. You can’t afford to have even one bad user experience, and with Simplifry technology, you can be confident every order of food is going to be cooked to perfection.

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