Vegetarian + Vegan Dining Options in Manhattan

vegan vegetarian dining options
A delicious menu item from The Little Beet
  • Imperial Dade
  • RAK Porcelain
  • Day & Nite
  • Enterprise Greece
  • Red Gold
  • DAVO Sales Tax
  • Inline Plastics
  • BelGioioso Burrata

Vegetable-centric restaurants need not only apply to actual vegetarian and vegan diners.

From high-concept cooking to comfort foods, some of the best meat-free restaurants have vegetables take center stage – even meat-lovers keep coming back for more. Below are fifteen highly rated vegetarian and vegan dining options in Manhattan:


38 East 19th Street – (212) 475-5829

Jean-Georges Vongerichten does five-star vegan at his third and smallest collaboration with ABC Carpet & Home. The plant-based powerhouse eatery offers non GMO, sustainable, artisanal, organic whenever possible and sources locally and globally from small and family farms.

Avant Garden

130 East 7th Street – (646)922-7948

  • Enterprise Greece
  • Day & Nite
  • RAK Porcelain
  • Red Gold
  • Inline Plastics
  • DAVO Sales Tax
  • BelGioioso Burrata
  • Imperial Dade

Find plant-based tapas-inspired plates in this beautiful upscale flagship location. With décor evoking the great outdoors, the culinary creations show the world just how delicious vegan food can be.


187 Ninth Avenue – (212) 627-1144

The original location, opened in 2005 in a two-story historic townhouse in Chelsea is a tofu-lovers dream. Dedicated to upscale vegan dining, the menu is paired carefully with an extensive wine list.

507 Columbus Avenue – (212) 875-2600

This is Blossom’s newest restaurant with a large, open dining area, as well as a full bar, complete with organic and local wines and beers. Features outdoor dining, and live music on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.

Blossom du Jour

259 West 23rd Street – (212) 229-2595

617 9th Avenue – (646) 998-3535

449 Amsterdam Avenue – (212) 712-9822 (in the subway station)

1000 S 8th Ave, #21 – (212) 765-6500

In direct response to the growing need for “alternative fast food” options, restaurateur Pamela Elizabeth established Blossom Du Jour in 2010. 100% vegan recipes, they take pride in offering food and beverage options that are healthful, environmentally conscious, and prepared quickly. 

The Butcher’s Daughter

19 Kenmare Street – (212) 219-3434

581 Hudson Street – (917) 388-2132

Created by founder Heather Tierney, this plant-based restaurant with outposts in both New York and Los Angeles, uses fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to craft beautiful and creative vegetarian meals and refreshing juices. The “vegetable slaughterhouse” attracts the coolest crowds offering the best avocado toast in the City.


185 Bleecker Street – 212-290-8000

60 West 22nd Street – 347-620-9622

240 Lafayette Street – 347-620-9620

1 Rockefeller Plaza – 646-453-7181

(COMING SOON!) – 181 Front Street – 212-243-2235

This restaurant chain serves inexpensive vegan food in a casual setup with a walk-up counter and strict no reservation policy. Offering food that is fun, full of flavor and healthier, by CHLOE. has transformed from a local vegan eatery in New York City to a worldwide fast food chain, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. 

Candle 79

154 E 79th Street –  (212) 537-7179

Candle West

2427 Broadway – (212) 769-8900

Candle Café

1307 3rd Avenue – (212) 472-0970

Locally sourced, plant based with seasonal menus, Candle Cafe Hospitality offers delicious plant-based food from locally-sourced sustainable ingredients in their most natural form to create inspired dishes made fresh daily. All three Candle locations offer a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional cocktails, including non-alcoholic versions.

Caravan of Dreams

405 East 6th Street – (212) 254-1613

Founded by Angel Morenoin in 1991, this vegan haven in the East Village serves all organic, all vegan, kosher verified, and extensive live food options, plus a fully stocked bar, nightly entertainment, and occasional educational seminars and events.

Dirt Candy

86 Allen Street between Grand and Broome Streets.
(212) 228 -7732

Canadian chef and owner Amanda Cohen went all tasting menu last year at her Lower East Side restaurant with no tipping allowed. The original Dirt Candy garnered Michelin Guide recognition five years in a row and received two stars from the New York Times.


12 East 32nd Street – (212) 213- 0077

Take off your shoes (it’s mandatory), grab a surprisingly comfortable cushioned seat on the floor, and forget about all the meat this Korean vegan restaurant serving healthy, light dishes.


111 East 7th Street – (917) 261-5524

 This modern East Village tapas spot (relocated to 7th Street) embraces vegetarian eating with creative, globally accented fare, plus cocktails.

Little Beet Table

333 Park Avenue South – (212)466-3330

This full-service sister restaurant of The Little Beet is based on the same model of seasonal, wholesome, ingredient-driven food. Specializing in lighter, greener, healthier fare, this veg-destination has been offering a dining experience since 2014.

Peacefood Cafe

460 Amsterdam Avenue @ 82nd street – (212)362-2266

41 East 11th Street @ University Place – (212)979-2288

There’s a wide menu of vegan eats at this friendly spot. Founded on the Upper West Side, the success lead to a second location opening in Union Square in 2013. The restaurant is named after the simple idea that peace begins on your plate.

Urban Vegan Kitchen

41 Carmine Street – (646)438-9939

The site of a former Blossom on Carmine location, this part restaurant, part lounge is a higher-end concept offering vegan fare and a nice selection of mocktails and cocktails.


12 St Marks Place – (212) 254-3693

Established in 2006, this vegan Latin-inspired café includes everything from quesadillas to nachos, burritos and of course tacos.

The rise of the health food craze has given way to a proliferation of vegetable-forward restaurants for all to enjoy regardless if you do not eat meat, fish, poultry or by-products of animals. With vegan and vegetarian food being all the rage, this shift toward plant-based eating is here to stay and our great City of New York of course offers the best options for greens, roots, shoots and more. Happy Dining!

  • Imperial Dade
  • DAVO Sales Tax
  • RAK Porcelain
  • Inline Plastics
  • Enterprise Greece
  • BelGioioso Burrata
  • Red Gold
  • Day & Nite
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