The Unique Platform of UPshow Turns TVs Into Revenue Generators


We live in the digital age and if your restaurant or hospitality business isn’t utilizing social media or the latest digital trends for marketing efforts, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity of potential profits and customers.

For years, the extent of in-restaurant marketing was based on table tents and posters. UPshow has reinvented the customer marketing experience by leveraging the existing televisions within a restaurant.  The Chicago, IL based company has emerged as the nation’s leading Social TV Platform.  “Our goal is to boost customer engagement while driving meaningful sales lift with our platform,” UPshow’s Matt Gibbs explained.

UPshow has been pioneering the concept of “cord cutting for business” while giving restaurants total control of the content on their TVs. The platform is completely customizable and can be fully branded to fit a brand’s style while showcasing the optimal mix of social media, marketing promotions and entertainment.

With more than 7000 screens across the country, and core customers in the bar and restaurant world, UPshow’s Social TV Platform boasts three key features, according to Gibbs. “The first and most exciting thing is customer engagement,” Gibbs details. “It makes it so that anybody at any restaurant [that’s utilizing the service] can pull their phone out, post on Instagram or Twitter, add the venue’s hashtag and within a minute that picture will be posted on the venue’s UPshow screens.”

Gibbs calls this the “Jumbotron effect” because it creates the same excitement as if the customer is at a major sporting event and appears on the fan cam. “We bring that experience into bars and restaurants and people love it because we live in a world where everybody wants to be seen on TV.” Not only does this make patrons happy, but it gives the business more free word-of-mouth marketing than ever before since all of the content is posted to social media.  “It’s all about word of mouth referrals in the hospitality world, and we drive more and more of that simply because people want to be seen on TV.

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The second function of UPshow according to Gibbs is digital signage, which gives the venue the ability to suggestively sell any food, drinks, specials or events it wants. This allows the venue to promote things that matter to them while still engaging customers in a way that they’ll pay attention to. “We provide the tools to make it really easy at the enterprise or SMB level,” he confesses. “Huge companies can create the templates themselves or smaller mom and pops can leverage our template library to create marketing materials. Best of all, everything can be managed via mobile.”

The third part of it all is games and entertainment. UPshow’s gaming experience is 100% “BYOD,” or “bring your own device.” This simplifies gameplay and makes it so anyone can quickly join, without having to download an app or force the venue to invest in expensive hardware. As far as entertainment, UPshow has built a comprehensive library of Social TV Feeds for all of the teams and topics that matter. From sports leagues to local teams to funny videos to news, UPshow has a Feed that will dynamically showcase the best, most recent social media content on that topic.

Gibbs adds that paying a monthly subscription to UPshow is far more cost efficient than trying to pay digital influencers for exposure and marketing, which can cost thousands compared to this innovative service that’s less than a few hundred a month. He also compares the service to DirectTV and other cable providers, as many restaurants and bars currently use on their big screens, but with greater value once you factor in all the marketing potential.

UPshow is an innovative, cost-effective and smart way to utilize those TV screens in bars, restaurants and other hospitality operations. The service provides innovative operators with an opportunity to maximize the yield from each customer visit and bring those profits directly to the bottom line.  To learn more about Upshow, please visit their website or call 1-855-7-UPSHOW