It’s Your Restaurant. Run It Like You Mean It.


In the 21st century, technology is everywhere and the restaurant and foodservice industry is one of the largest in our modern world.  So, why don’t technology and restaurants mix?

There are 14 million Americans who show up to work at a restaurant every day, which is 10% of the American workforce working in an industry that is hesitant to grow alongside its technology counterpart. Upserve is a user-first, smart restaurant management assistant designed to create a smoother, streamlined, restaurant experience. Paul Goetz, Upserve’s CRO, sat down to speak with us about the status of the restaurant industry and what Upserve can do for your restaurant.

Goetz recognizes that the restaurateur journey isn’t always easy, “We’re passionate about making some of the hardships they face easier so they can focus on bringing their restaurant vision to life,” said Goetz. Let’s face the facts, the restaurant industry is brutal and risky, it has razor thin margins and essentially gets no help from technology. “Our vision is to really help restaurateurs focus on the delivery of their artistic vision by making technology extremely easy to use and available to them wherever they happen to be,” Goetz states.

When you’re working on creating technology for an industry it is essential that you’ve experienced what it’s like to work within its walls to know what you need to succeed. Upserve staff consists of what they like to refer to as “restaurant survivors,” in other words, those who have worked in the restaurant industry. This allows Upserve to truly understand the intricacies of a full service restaurant so they can continue to develop their product to make it easier for operators to succeed. Upserve is able to take the competitiveness out and instead, create cooperation so that they can build the best possible experience for their users.

According to the US economic census, 98% of restaurants are between one and three locations. These are local businesses, built by local people, who are trying to create a vision and pursue their passion. In a world full of giant corporations, innovative technology is hard to find for such small, local businesses. And in the restaurant industry, Micros, a point-of-sale system used in hotels and restaurants, used to be one of the only options. Goetz remarks, “Micros was bought by Oracle, who is pivoting away from serving small and medium businesses. They started to focus more on larger hotel chains. We view that differently and we are excited about helping restaurateurs fulfill their vision with technology that’s incredibly powerful, easy to use, and very mobile.”

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In an age where size is everything, Upserve offers a tablet-based user-friendly interface via SaaS cloud delivery. The future’s looking bright as the full-service restaurant industry is bouncing back from the recession and it’s growing rapidly.

“Essentially there’s a bounce-back from almost $182 billion in sales to almost $260 billion in sales. So percentage-wise, we’re seeing a very nice rebound there and it goes with a big secular trend. For the first time ever, Americans are spending more eating out than on food prepared at home,” Goetz stated. It’s the restaurateurs time to take advantage of this opportunity by optimizing the guest experience, streamlining their front-of-house and back-of-house operations, and growing their bottom line.

With all that said, the industry has witnessed improvements in how technology enhances how businesses are run, increases profitability, and improves efficiency. But, how do you divide and grow the pie? “That’s our focus, it’s helping restaurateurs grow the pie by having the right menu that clients want and understanding the performance of the items in that menu,” said Goetz.

Upserve provides its users with a wide variety of restaurant management features. For Upserve, this splits into two categories: the smart management assistant and the point-of-sale solution. “This is a way in which we essentially give a restaurant General Manager a virtual assistant that does a lot of work for them and gets them key information at the right time,” said Goetz. The tablet-based POS also provides restaurant operators with a system that takes orders, relays the orders, and cashes them out with Upserve’s payment services. Upserve delivers their service from the cloud, which allows them to keep it constantly up to date while providing 24/7 support for their customers. Upserve is designed for the user with the sole focus of allowing you, the restaurateur, to pursue your restaurant vision while running a smooth restaurant operation that exceeds guest expectations.

To learn more about Upserve, call 855-664-3887 or visit their website