Univex Celebrates Seven Decades Of Successful Innovation and Expansion


Renowned American kitchen equipment manufacturer Univex Corporation has been around for more than seven decades now. From its humble beginnings with a potato peeler in 1948 to a full line of kitchen equipment solutions today, the success story of this New Hampshire based company has been remarkable and inspirational. In the process of manufacturing industry-leading products, the company has also created many jobs to the local Salem, New Hampshire community it calls home.

UnivexThe vision of its executive leaders is to build an energetic management team to continue its successful growth track. Among the key additions to the Univex team has been Evan Priesel. The Southern New Hampshire University graduate has been a guiding force in creating a dynamic marketing plan and implementation to continue Univex’s growth and success.

Priesel, noted that Univex began with its potato peeler and has continuously grown with mixers, slicers, grinders, dough processors, ovens and other prep equipment that have proven to be very popular within various markets which include restaurants, fast casual chains, government and healthcare buyers. Most recently its’ pizza and bakery lines have enabled the firm to expand as an overall industry leader in the United States.

“With hard work and dedication comes growth and success. We are a leading manufacturer in overall food service, food prep, bakery and pizza equipment,” he added. According to Evan, the secret to the company’s overwhelming success and growth has been consistency and teamwork, this leads to excellence when it comes to the quality of the equipment manufactured at the facility and overall operations. Univex solutions are now used by a variety of clients such as restaurants, hotels, pizzerias, bakery brands, fast causal chains, catering companies and institutional operators.

“We all work together as a team. So, each of the departments feed off the energy of each other,” Priesel explained. “It starts with a great work environment. An important factor is our exceptional service team and service network across the country with extensive knowledge on the industry and our equipment. We also have a vast network of more than 1,000 dealers, who supply Univex equipment to tens of thousands of food service operators worldwide. Our in-house knowledge also separates us from others.”

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Priesel also mentioned, “When you call, we make sure you are getting the right piece of equipment to meet your needs, and you are speaking with someone that is knowledgeable within the field and industry. There are questions that we ask to make sure that we are providing you with the right type of equipment, that others do not think about. This comes from our knowledge and expertise within the industry.”

UnivexUnivex has capitalized greatly on the way the pizza industry has evolved and expanded over the years by manufacturing a range of products that deal with the different stages of pizza prep.

“We consider ourselves to be a one stop shop when it comes to pizza. With our equipment, a customer can have a full, innovative, labor saving, pizza kitchen, all with Univex! This includes mixing dough, dividing and rounding dough, spinning out the pizza and baking it in our beautiful Dome Pizza Ovens,” the energetic marketing executive concluded.

Univex also has grown vastly in the digital world. The marketing professional stated: “It is important for us to engage with our community and provide as much content as possible to our customers. The more knowledge they have, the better. We are utilizing the power of social media and YouTube to create this content and help our dealers, reps and end users obtain information at the tip of their fingers.”

The company’s overwhelming success is its competitive pricing combined with its core principles from which it has never wavered: quality, durability, longevity and service.

Univex’s consistent growth has also been driven by the growth of pizza making in the United States and worldwide. At the center of that mission is its’ ongoing outreach to listen to the needs of its customer base. Many of Univex’s newest solutions will be on display later this month at the annual Pizza & Pasta Northeast Expo scheduled for Oct. 3rd and 4th at the Atlantic City Convention Center in booth #627.

To learn more about Univex, please visit their website and Facebook page.