TrySome Co-Sponsors YPAB Fundraiser Supporting National Alliance On Mental Illness NYC

TrySome is a marketplace that lets consumers try organic food for free by submitting feedback about their experience testing the product to the manufacturer.

The company’s goal is to build a community for health-conscious and sustainably minded consumers and manufacturers by making it easy for consumers to review products and give their feedback to manufacturers. TrySome is a valuable tool for food producers to gather insights into what consumers think of their products.

TrySome CEO Rune Knudsen explains: “We hope that by lowering financial barriers for people they will choose high quality and responsibly made products. Overall it helps the environment, drives positive change for ethical production, and makes people healthier and happier as a result.”

Growing scientific evidence links diet and mental health, hence the logical co-sponsorship of the YPAB fundraiser in support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness NYC metro. One of the most under-recognized factors in mental health is the role of nutrition. “With this partnership, we hope to create awareness for healthy lifestyles and break the stigma associated with mental health. It is perfectly aligned with TrySome´s mission to create easy and affordable access to healthy food,” says KnudsenNAMI_NYC-Metro

On June 23rd, YPAB is hosting a fundraising event for the National Alliance on Mental Illness NYC metro co-sponsored by TrySome. The event is taking place at The Vale in Brooklyn, NY. Tickets can be bought here:


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TrySome Inc. is located in Brooklyn, NY. The company launched in February and encourages anyone interested in exploring healthy and sustainable food products to sign up at

TrySome developed their food-testing platform to provide insights into consumer behavior and how that reflects on purchase intent. Unlike other CPG test platforms, members of the TrySome community get a limited number of free credits each month to spend. The concept is tied to the psychology of managing limited resources. Just like in the real world, members must manage their credits to pick the products that are most meaningful or essential to them. That’s because TrySome wants real feedback about the value of these food products instead of positioning them as luxuries.

According to Morten Sørensen, Co-Founder of Kur Organic Superfoods, “TrySome´s services are excellent for both marketing and market research, because we can test our new flavors and new product lines and get the most powerful feedback.”