TouchBistro Signs Deal With Chase’s WePay To Give Restaurants Seamless Launch Platform

TouchBistro Chase WePay

TouchBistro has been helping restaurants improve their business operations since 2010, bringing cutting edge tablet-based technology to the table. Running a restaurant is already challenging and complicated, but TouchBistro has worked tirelessly to create the tools needed to seamlessly run a restaurant thanks to its POS solution that not only has helped more than 12,000 restaurants make more money, but also deliver exceptional customer service at the same time.

Chase WePayNow, TouchBistro is changing the POS software game by teaming up with Chase’s WePay to introduce the next-generation of payment technology for restaurants, which makes the day-to-day operations that much more easier! The new partnership aims to provide time-saving innovations that owners need, such as instant payment processing and an all-new, integrated mobile payment device so that customers can conveniently pay at their table when and as they chose (tap, traditional magnetic strip or chip).

According to Alex Barrotti, Founder and CEO of TouchBistro, the new partnership means easy payments the moment they take the POS machine out of the box! “Both restaurant owners and customers will experience easier payment processing with the new mobile EMV compliant payment device for digital, credit and debit card transactions,” Barrotti explains.

The partnership will also make it easier for restaurants who bank with Chase to instantly integrate with TouchBistro and benefit from the intuitive POS functionality and rich features TouchBistro offers. But don’t worry, those who don’t use Chase will still find the new payment technology useful in their everyday business operations and as an owner, anything easier allows you to focus on other aspects of the business!

Barrotti is no stranger to simplifying business operations given his past venture was a company called INEX Corporation that he started in 1997 and focused on helping average people create their online storefront by choosing pre-designed templates. “It was almost what Shopify does today,” he explains.

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This helped pave the way for TouchBistro and Barrotti’s acclaimed success for revolutionizing the way restaurants do business in a digital age, incorporating mobile technology. In fact, Barrotti was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year Gold Winner at the annual 2017 CEO World Awards for his work with TouchBistro. The coveted and prestigious award encompasses the best in leadership, organizational performance, innovation, new products and services from every major industry across the globe – from the smallest of companies to the largest, as well as new start-ups. He was also named CEO of the Year by Golden Bridge Awards in 2015 and the year prior took home the designation of Founder/Entrepreneur of the Year by Best in Biz Awards.

With the WePay relationship, TouchBistro will gain a promotional platform to market its services to Chase members, including its small business clients that include thousands of restaurants, bars, breweries and other businesses in the food industry, allowing them to garner more traction and grow their sales at the same time.

TouchBistro is already an award-winning POS, and this new partnership with WePay further enriches the functionality that helps restaurateurs make more money, deliver a great guest experience, and take the guesswork out of making business decisions. TouchBistro provides in-depth training and free 24/7 technical support from POS specialists who have worked in the restaurant industry. The product also offers restaurant owners a 40% to 60% cost savings as well as a vastly more efficient software distribution model than other traditional POS solutions. TouchBistro is currently the No.1 top grossing food and beverage app on the Apple App Store in 37 countries.