TouchBistro Reignites Customer Experience With iPad App

How do you think customers would feel if their orders could be taken painlessly, their meals delivered effortlessly and their entire dining experience enhanced by a relaxed, confident wait staff? This is what restaurants are discovering with the new TouchBistro iPad point-of-sale (POS) Solution, and it's catching on fast.

Created on an iPad to replace outdated POS systems that were clunky, sometimes hard to use and often unreliable, this new technology makes it easy for wait staff to work together to make dining out the best possible experience for both customers and the restaurant staff members that are serving them.

Why a tablet? “With TouchBistro‘s easy-to-use POS solution, your staff gets things done faster and more efficiently. From taking orders to processing payments, the tasks are seamlessly integrated into one application on your iPad,” says Toan Dinh, TouchBistro's Chief Marketing Officer.

“We’re a perfect match for the Metro New York City area,” Dinh explained.

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“This is a marketplace that has thousands of independently owned restaurants, many with a single to a dozen locations. TouchBistro has proven that its features deliver maximum performance for that operator profile.”

TouchBistro, which bills itself as the “#1 grossing food and drink app in 33 countries on the Apple App Store,” helps foodservice operations stay up-to-date and in control with intuitive and smart management, easy bill splitting, table side payments, and more. “TouchBistro helps you bring increased efficiency to order-taking and payments,” says Dinh. “TouchBistro allows a member of the wait staff to spend more time engaging with the customer. And for restaurants with multiple tables, multiple locations, and multiple employees, small efficiency gains add up to real savings,” he adds.

The TouchBistro iPad POS can be used by quick-service, food chain, food truck, bar and coffee shop operations to achieve the same efficiencies. In bars, the app manages open tabs by seat or customer name, and with wirelessly connected silent thermal printers, patrons aren't disturbed by noisy impact receipt or order ticket printers. In coffee shops, TouchBistro keeps lines moving to get quick fixes to caffeine-starved customers. And in food trucks, TouchBistro's Smart iPad POS gets customers served quickly and ready to go.

“Compared to traditional POS systems, TouchBistro is not only lower in cost, but also offers more value. TouchBistro's low monthly payments and flexible financing options make it easy for restaurants to get a POS solution that allows them to quickly focus on running their business,” says Dinh. “It’s the smart move.”

As for support, TouchBistro offers support 24/7 (by phone and email) from one of the most capable support teams in the software industry. TouchBistro won the Best In Biz's Support Department of the Year award for 2014. Supplementing on-call support, TouchBistro provides a huge library of lucid end-to-end documentation and help videos. Restaurant operators can choose a training pack for over the phone or (at select locations) an on-site, in-person training pack. TouchBistro supports major payment gateways, such as Cayan (formerly Merchant Warehouse), Mercury, Moneris, Premier Payments, RBC Caribbean, and PayPal Mobile.

“With our app, the POS isn’t over at the counter cash register by a bowl full of mints. It’s at table side,” says Dinh. “With TouchBistro, servers enter customer orders at the table which are sent directly to the kitchen or bar. No more running back and forth to a distant terminal, because the terminal is always with the server. Every order is associated with an individual seat at the table, and orders are built one customer at a time, just like on paper, but with greater accuracy. Items can also easily be shared by the whole table, moved or modified, and notes and special requests are accommodated. Cost can be allocated to special requests, too! TouchBistro even supports a sign-on screen option for a paperless experience.”

Dinh says the company's main mission is to make dining out as pleasant as possible for customers, and TouchBistro does that by making it easy for wait staff to satisfy them. “Customer happiness is in our DNA,” Dinh says.

TouchBistro debuted at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show on March 8 – 10 at the Javits Center.