TouchBistro Debuts New Enhancement To Enable Restaurateurs To Unleash Power Of New iPad Pro

POS iPad Pro

How do you think customers feel when their orders are taken painlessly, their meals are delivered effortlessly and their entire dining experience is enhanced by relaxed, confident waitstaff?

This is what is happening at restaurants that use the new TouchBistro app, and it’s catching on fast. Created on an iPad Pro to replace outdated point-of-sale (POS) systems that were clunky, sometimes hard to use and often crashing, this new technology makes it easy for waitstaff to work together to make dining out an enjoyable experience for both customers and themselves. Why a tablet?

“With TouchBistro mobile POS solution, your staff gets things done faster and more efficiently. From taking orders to processing payments, the tasks are seamlessly integrated into one easy-to-use application on your iPad Pro,” says Toan Dinh, the firm’s Vice President of Marketing.

TouchBistro, which bills itself as the “#1 grossing food and drink app in 33 countries on the Apple App Store,” helps streamline foodservice operations and improve the customer experience with intuitive and smart management, easy bill splitting, table side payments, and more.

“TouchBistro helps you bring increased efficiency to order-taking and payments,” says Dinh. “TouchBistro lets waitstaff spend more time engaging with the customer.”

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And for restaurants with multiple tables, multiple locations, and multiple employees, small efficiency gains across multiple points in operations add up to real savings, he adds.

The TouchBistro app can be used by quick-service, food chain, food truck, bar and coffee shop operations to achieve greater efficiencies.  In bars, the app manages open tabs by seat or customer name, supports silent thermal printers, and doesn’t disturb patrons with noisy impact receipt or order chit printers. In coffee shops, it speeds up the lines for caffeine-starved customers in need of quick fixes. And in food trucks, the app gets customer payments processed and orders to the kitchen for prep in as little as 30 seconds from the time they reach the order window.

Thousands of restaurants and bars around the world use TouchBistro, including many local favorites in the USA and Canada such as Frere de Lys, the Bees Knees Baking Company, Crosstown Pub & Grill, Steam Whistle, and Michael Jordan’s Steakouse in NY Grand Central Station.

“Compared to traditional POS systems, TouchBistro is not only lower in cost, but also offers more value. TouchBistro’s low monthly payments and flexible financing options make it easy for restaurants to get a POS solution that is quick to deploy and allows them to stay focused on implementing improvements in running their businesses,” says Dinh. “It’s the smart move.”

As for support, TouchBistro offers its 24/7 (phone and email), as well as end-to-end documentation and help videos.  Restaurant operators can choose a phone training pack or, at select locations, an on site training pack.  The company also sponsors webinars. Customers can get a 30-day free trial, too.

TouchBistro supports major payment gateways, such as Chase, Cayan, Mercury, Moneris, Premier Payments, RBC Caribbean, and PayPal Mobile.

“With our app, the POS isn’t hardwired at a fixed location over at the counter cash register by a bowl full of mints. It can be taken right to table side,” says Dinh. “With TouchBistro, waiters can enter customer orders on an iPad at the table that are transmitted electronically directly to the kitchen or bar for preparation, eliminating all the time consuming running back and forth to a distant terminal.”

To improve accuracy and speed of order entry, Dihn explained that every order entered into TouchBistro is associated with an individual seat at the table, and are built one customer at a time, just like on paper. Items can also easily be shared by the whole table, moved or modified, and notes and special requests are accommodated. Cost can be allocated to special requests, too! TouchBistro even supports a sign-on screen option for a paperless experience.

Dinh says the company’s main mission is to make dining out as pleasant as possible for customers, and the TouchBistro app does that by making it easy for waitstaff to keep their patrons satisfied.  “Customer happiness is in our DNA,” he says.

TouchBistro will be in booth 1521 at the Javits Center at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show in New York March 6 – 8.