Top NYC Chefs Rave About Their Molteni Stoves

Molteni Stove

Few brands in the world of professional cooking are as respected as Molteni. Just ask some top New York City chefs.

MolteniEach stove is crafted and assembled according to the chef’s need and preferences. No two Molteni stove are the same, and there are no limits on size. These timeless stoves are at the heart of many of the world’s most renowned restaurants, and are also a popular choice for luxury home kitchens (if only we all could be so lucky!)

Here is what four top NYC chefs had to say about owning and cooking on a Molteni stove:

Feel the perfection of Chef Daniel Humm, three-Michelin-star and No. 1 of the World’s 50 best restaurants 2017 and his passion for his Molteni Stove. His superlative stove is the perfect centerpiece for his Eleven Madison Park Restaurant, which is one of the best places for a perfect fine dining experience in the heart of New York City.

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The Pool New York is an exquisite seafood restaurant powered by a Molteni suite. Experience Chef Joe Cash and his superlative menu cooked in his stove that was personally designed for him.

The Bouley Test Kitchen is a unique event space located in the Flatiron District. A very elegant atmosphere for the best advance gastronomic organic experience cooked perfectly on a tailored-made Molteni stove.

Günter Seeger NY is one of the most popular fine-dining Michelin Star restaurant in New York City, with a marvelous white Molteni stove in his open kitchen. The passion of Chef Gunter Seeger and his distinctive cooking find the best expression through his custom made stove.

Dreams are one thing – making them come true is quite another, and takes true expertise and dedication. At Molteni, their raison d’etre is to turn top chefs’ most sumptuous dreams into stunning reality. Each of their stoves are exquisitely crafted and assembled according to the chef’s needs and preferences. Their artisanal approach and long history have made them a highly respected name in the world of professional cooking. Their brands stand for outstanding professionalism and top-quality materials: from hand-forged cast iron and brass components to enamel-finished surfaces in custom colors and chrome or brass trims. With Molteni, there are no limits. Visit their website to learn more.