Top 10 Things To Know When Designing Temperature Controlled Catering Vehicles

Delivery Concepts Temperature Controlled Catering Vehicles

When it comes to delivery, there are a lot of things to consider. Affordability, heating solutions, temperature requirements, packing specifications are all concerns for the food industry. This includes caterers, senior nutritionist, institutional food service, restaurants, and wholesale food purveyors.

Delivery Concepts Temperature Controlled Catering VehiclesDelivery Concepts has been working over the past 25 years to provide the best solutions for every one of their clients. Granted that they are the masters of their craft we asked them to create a top 10. Here is Delivery Concepts’ top 10 things to know when designing temperature controlled catering vehicles.

1. Determine the type of delivery or catering you need a temp controlled vehicle for. i.e.: Home delivery, corporate drop off, and/or full service event catering. is a great resource for ideas.

2. Most applications will call for a combination of events, so capacity for hot menu items and the ratio of cold items will need to be determined.

3. Once capacities are determined, the proper platform and size vehicle for conversion can be chosen. Delivery Concepts has relationships in place with dealerships all over the country – or you may choose to work through your own.

Hotelex/UBM January 2019 728×90

4. Vehicle conversions can range from 6’ to 26’ with cooking equipment options available. Delivery Concepts recommends you take into consideration corporate growth and increased sales when ordering your temperature controlled service vehicle.

5. Consider height restrictions for parking, urban settings and venues, and/or potential need for 4 wheel drive when choosing your vehicle platform.

6. Will you need abundant storage space for chafing dishes, set ups, tables, etc.? Your vehicle can be configured to accommodate an entire event.

7. Refrigeration and Convection holding compartments are powered by the vehicles’ engine driven system. 110 volt 20amp electric standby may be a useful option.

8. With proper graphics, your temperature controlled vehicle is a rolling billboard. Consider your logo and branding and how you would like them to look on your truck. Delivery Concepts offers graphic services that will work with you to design a high impact marketing stage while on the job.

9. Convection holding ovens are available for almost any small vehicle and can be used for local and home delivery as well as small “drop off” caterings.

10. Financing through all major vehicle manufacturers is available for the total up fit vehicle. We can also recommend a Lease Company, should you need one.

Delivery Concepts develops and produces mobile kitchen trucks and helps franchises grow their franchise business through proprietary designed mobile kitchen trucks, that enhances branding and allows the franchisee an affordable entry into his or her own business. For more information contact Gary Sample via email or call 800.255.5183