Tips for Restaurant Social Media Scheduling

Restaurant Social Media Scheduling

Any restaurant with a social media strategy knows that it can be a full time job keeping up with the different platforms and conversations on each platform. Scheduling a lot of your posts in advance can save you a lot of time. There are many different scheduling tool options out there, find the one that you like working with and get started making your social media life easier.

New to scheduling your content? Remember these tips for restaurant social media scheduling as you get started.

Use evergreen content.

When creating content, you should always have some content in the mix that won’t ever appear dated. Sharing this content through scheduled posts assures that it won’t ever appear to be off topic, out of place or tired. This content can also be used repeatedly. As you gain more followers, it will be new to them. Just be sure you leave enough time in between posts.

Check in periodically.

You’ve scheduled your posts ahead of time, but you also want to give the illusion that it’s in real time, so be sure to check in on it periodically. Have notifications turned on for the platforms you schedule, so if people respond to a tweet or a post, you’ll know it and can respond in real time if it’s appropriate.

Tailor posts to the social network.

If you have the same exact post, phrased exactly the same, going out at exactly the same time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, your audience is going to notice. Remember that each platform serves a different purpose and has a different audience. Schedule posts individually, and keep them appropriate for their platform. Also, stagger the times so the posting seems more organic.

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Review scheduled posts.

The whole point of scheduling is to set it and forget it, but don’t forget it entirely. If you have a sudden change in plans or your menu, don’t forget to see if you have a post already scheduled. Also, pay attention to the world spinning around  you. If there’s been a national tragedy or world emergency, your lighthearted tweets about dessert specials may seem out of place or insensitive.

Try not to over-schedule.

You don’t want to overwhelm your followers with a constant stream of content. It’s easy to get into the scheduling groove, and get a little carried away. Try not to overdo it with way too many posts, or too many of the same types of posts. Have some variety, and use a content calendar to organize your posts.

Scheduling your social media is such a valuable tool to use to have a successful social media strategy for our restaurant. With all these posts scheduled, have fun with some live posts to keep your feed fresh and your audience engaged.

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