The New York Brick Oven Co. Re-Energizes Pizza Profits with Revolving Brick Oven Technology

Who knows more about making prize-winning pizza than the people who sell it? And who knows more about the kind of oven it takes to get that pizza out there? The Cosentino brothers of Staten Island, N.Y., that’s who. After decades of making pizzas and building restaurants across America the brothers, Marc and Scot – founders of Goodfella’s Brick Oven Pizza – have now turned their experience and expertise towards making the brick ovens that produce these delicious pies.

Aside from being voted the world’s best pizza several times, they also have the Pizza School of New York. Here they teach people from all over the world how to make gourmet brick oven pizza at the original Goodfella’s of Staten Island.

But the way the brothers got into the oven business was very simple. “We were using other people’s brick ovens and weren’t happy with them,” says Marc Cosentino. “They would all slow down at the peak of production. So we started building our own, which evolved into the revolving brick oven. The revolving brick oven is the ultimate solution for brick oven pizza made easy. They started building them for their own places and eventually for others.

“The demand became too great to keep up with so we found a great company in Italy and partnered up with them to manufacture the ovens to American specifications. “Recently at Pizza Expo, we set a world record – 201 pies in 52 minutes in one oven! It was very impressive”.

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Cosentino said his company’s revolving brick oven stands out above the crowd because you can get a “gorgeous pie with minimum labor and skill. “It’s perfect for fast-casual pizza chains and individual owners who want to have a consistent product and ease of operation.

The oven can save you thousands in labor and make perfect pizza every time. The value of the oven is priceless to all operators.

You don’t need a long pizza peel, you don’t have to move the pizzas once they’re put in the oven. You can let it go round a couple of times and take it out.”

There are tremendous labor savings, he adds. “You don’t need a trained pizza man holding you hostage because he’s the only guy who could do it. You don’t have hot spots or cold spots. You don’t have to regulate the temperature, and we also have a patented heated floor. This will allow your oven to keep up with any demand.

Cosentino notes that operators can produce their signature pies easily and consistently because the oven has high thermal mass, gas or gas and wood fuel options which gives chefs control of baking temperatures. “You can also vary the speed of rotation and the direction of the cooking surface to customize it for your pizza man.

Cosentino says the company’s ovens are being used to make everything from Neapolitan pizza, New York Style Pizza, calzones and specialty breads.

“You can turn the temperature up to 900 degrees to create Neapolitan pizza like there’s no tomorrow”. The ovens come in 4 sizes to meet the demands of any size operation.

In addition, the ovens can be used for, steaks, chicken and vegetables. “Anything you can cook in an oven, you can cook in our brick ovens.

Restaurants are using the ovens in all kinds of ways. “We have a Greek fellow up in Northampton, Mass., doing Greek foods in the oven. He has it decorated with columns on it. And we just put one in a brew pub in Kansas. We’re getting tremendous feedback, it’s simple and Cosentino says fast-casual restaurants particularly go for the oven. “They need to serve pizza that’s fast, easy to make, with speed and consistency. And what’s nice for them, a real bonus, is it saves a lot of space in the kitchen area. You don’t have to have the long pizza peels with guys ducking in and out to avoid being hit.”
Venting is simple. Most installations are direct-vent, double-wall insulated pipe. The oven can also be assembled on site through any 36” door way.

The company also offers a full warranty on all electronic parts for a year and on the oven dome for seven years. They also have an installation team, and national repair service.

“What’s so attractive to our customers is that you have a team of experts who are world-champion pizza makers, restaurateurs, master oven builders, and they know what it takes to make good pizza. We also have decades of experience in all aspects of the pizza business. We know what’s necessary to run a successful pizza business, from creating the pizza at a reasonable price to ensuring a minimum amount of labor. There’s virtually no question a dealer or consultant or operator can ask us that we haven’t experienced in some way, shape or form.”
So Join The Revolution with the New York Brick Oven Company.