Taking the Mystery Out of Umami

JRO Umami Pavilion Comes to the International Restaurant Food & Service Show 2014 to Acquaint the Restaurant Industry

Give your creations an edge by discovering the power of umami — the hidden “fifth flavor” — at JRO Umami Pavilion at this year’s International Restaurant & Food Service Show from March 2-4, 2014. JRO is proud to announce that UNESCO added traditional Japanese cuisine or “Washoku” onto its Intangible Cultural Heritage list. JRO has continued to support Japanese restaurants overseas and convey to the world the appeal of Japanese food and culture.

2014 is the 8th consecutive year that JRO (the Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad) is hosting the Umami Pavilion. They will introduce eight new sections this year: Japanese Rice, Sake, Wagu, Umami, Ramen, Soba, Japanese Green Tea and sweets; all essential Japanese ingredients. The JRO Umami Pavilion has a joint mission to enlighten the industry about umami, the essence of Japanese cuisine that is becoming well known by chefs to develop flavor.

Generally understood as a savory flavor, umami has been recognized in Japan for thousands of years but is a relatively new concept in the States. It is the flavor that characterizes Japanese and other Asian cuisine. There has been increasing influence in current taste preferences because of the growing interest in umami-packed ingredients such as miso, soy sauce, and konbu.

JRO Umami Pavilion will host cooking demonstrations for three days to show “Wagu”, “Ramen”, how to make the best rice, how to enhance the umami flavor in dishes. There will also be discussions on Japanese condiments and the science of the flavor.

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Another event at the fourth JRO Umami Pavilion will be the Umami Recipe Contest, where three finalists who submit a recipe using umami Japanese ingredients are invited to an on-stage showdown judged by Gorge Mendes, Aldea and culinary professionals. The final three contestants will be announced in February 2014. The winner will receive a special tour of the culinary world in Japan in addition to a round-trip flight to Japan, valued at $20,000. An opportunity to gain an advantage with exclusive insight into one of Japan’s culinary secrets, JRO Umami Japan Pavilion: UMAMI is an experience that you do not want to miss!

Registration is now open at www.japanpavilion.us.en.