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Consistency Is Everything In A Hospitality Operation

Hospitality is as simple as this: Are all aspects of the service provided by each and every team-member happening "for" the guest or "to" the guest? With consistent training, the former should be your experience offering and become the calling card of your operation and remember, every detail counts in the guest’s eye.
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In The Age of Online Reviews, This Was Dangerous Thinking!

Your operation’s reputation, online reviews and ultimate success are dependent on providing true value for price paid with paramount customer service. This is what brings customers back again and again, delivers five star reviews and has customers singing your restaurant’s praises. There is no more powerful and cost-effective marketing on the planet.
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If You Build It, Will They Come?

An entrepreneur is a person willing to RISK LOSS to start a business with the intent to make money and going a bit further… “one who organizes, manages, commits resources and assumes the risks to start a new enterprise”. Yes!
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The Power Of Your Restaurant Menu On Your Bottom Line

Let's face it, your restaurant menu is your most powerful marketing tool and holds the key to your restaurant’s bottom-line success. It's so important, yet many restaurants are taking the wrong approach to menu design.
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Restaurant Lessons From Your Favorite “Pro” Team

It's no secret that training takes time, discipline and most of all follow-through. You need a game plan, an attentive and willing staff and regular exercises that keep everyone on top of their game.
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Is Your Restaurant Running You?

Many owners and managers are working 6 or 7 days a week, opening early and closing late. Their restaurants are running them and not the other way around.
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The “True” Meaning of A Hospitality Approach

When I receive exemplary service in a restaurant, it's not only unexpected, but absolutely astounding… I frequently write about my travels around the country. To...
8 Great Things To Tell Your Staff paramount service restaurant

8 Great Things To Tell Your Staff Today

Given that the restaurant business is a performance, your guest experience is ultimately determined by how you as owner or manager set the stage. I’m...