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Elimination of Tipped Wage Would Shake Restaurant Industry

The weight of high rents and taxes can be crippling to the business community, in particular the restaurant industry which survives on small profit margins. The unfortunate news is that this climate can get worse, and it may if the Department of Labor makes a determination to eliminate the tipped wage for food service workers later this year.
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Have Your Voice Heard In The Battle to Keep the Tip...

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to have no idea how difficult it is to run a profitable restaurant in New York. He has again raised the prospect of eliminating the tip credit in NY...
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Convenience Stores: A Growing Segment of Foodservice

Say hello to a growing segment of foodservice: they are called convenience stores and they recently held their meeting and trade show in Chicago.
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An Interesting Look At Tipping

As my friends from the Pennsylvania Dutch Country would say, “It wonders me much” whenever they would see or read something that they had seen many times before. I can apply that description to the number of articles I have read that deal with the common act of tipping.