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Fundamentals Always Rule, Especially Against Heightened Uncertainty

June opened with a NY Times survey of 511 epidemiologists and closes with a CNN survey of medical professionals, both showing the same thing. Among the most trusted experts, there is no real consensus. Further complicating matters for the hospitality industry...
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Between Practical and Ambiguous: The Best Balance of Performance Solutions

Last week introduced Day & Nite's engineered Performance Solutions platform as the hospitality industry's most comprehensive portfolio for cost-effectively restoring normalcy. Our 7th weekly edition focuses on tough managerial challenges facing our industry.
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Performance Solutions for Foodservice & Hospitality Management

Even the best crisis management guidance is not enough to support our industry. We're introducing highly tangible, relevant, uniquely engineered, integrated services and products all establishments will require to reopen safely: Day & Nite Performance Solutions.
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Back to Business: Flexibility In Crisis Management

In line with all government and market indicators, we now turn our fullest attention to the practical and necessary back to business matters. The highly respected, carefully monitored, Engagious Back to Normal Barometer offers information and insights that...
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The Next Phase Of Your Business: Prioritizing Expertise and Collaboration

The business sun will not magically come out tomorrow; rebirth is anything but automatic. Indeed, expect this next phase to be the most challenging thing you've ever experienced as a business. The best practices to guide you and your team include...
restaurant owner planning pivoting

Planning and Purposeful Pivoting For Foodservice & Hospitality

Overwhelming consensus response to our first two columns in this series points to a clear industrywide trend: market anxiety has now decidedly shifted from dealing with the pandemic to most effectively managing the aftermath.
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Proven Methods For Hospitality Professionals To Thrive

There is no better sector equipped to provide necessary levels of leadership than hospitality professionals. In this second installment, we are providing additionally useful, proven methods for effectively managing through these unprecedented conditions.