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restaurant manager Integrated Restaurant Technology

Integrated Restaurant Technology Benefits The Restaurant Manager, AKA Chief Officer Of...

A restaurant manager moves at a frantic pace. Covering a huge amount of ground and juggling a variety of tasks, few outside the industry can comprehend their daily challenges. How can integrated restaurant technology benefit their daily cause?
tipping tip credit elimination

Have Your Voice Heard In The Battle to Keep the Tip...

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to have no idea how difficult it is to run a profitable restaurant in New York. He has again raised the prospect of eliminating the tip credit in NY...
Individual Mandate

The New Tax Bill Repeals The Individual Mandate – What Does...

The signing of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, signed by President Trump on December 22, 2017, has repealed the Individual Mandate, which is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirement that individuals maintain health insurance coverage, or face a penalty.
Valiant Solutions Pay Stub Compliance

Valiant Solutions’ Kelly Mortimer Discusses Pay Stub Compliance

Improper or incomplete paystubs can result in heavy fines and legal fees and have been known to force business to cease operations. Valiant’s compliance team closely monitors updates to pay stub compliance to help keep our clients stay compliant.
pay stub

Creating A Strategy To Comply With NY’s Pay Stub Mandates

There is a lot of information restaurant owners should be aware of regarding pay stub compliance. In 2010, the state of New York effected additional requirements in an effort to ensure that employees were being paid properly.