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hospitality management phase 3

Why Hospitality Management Is An Ideal Career In 2020

As the world we live in experiences innovation and modernization, it would certainly not be wrong to state that everything surrounding us requires high management and supervision. New and advanced analytical techniques are being introduced...
Neir's Tavern

Thoughts On Saving NYC’s Oldest Tavern And Beloved Small Businesses

Last month it was reported that Neir’s Tavern, a 190-year-old watering hole with the claim of being New York City’s oldest bar was shuttering. The owner of the famed bar that appeared in Martin Scorsese’s iconic film Goodfellas...
table restaurant wine outdoor lien bill

Tip Credit Remains and Lien Bill Vetoed

We’re providing you with important updates... and, great news to start the new year. First, the hospitality industry Tip Credit will remain in effect. Second, the Lien Bill was vetoed by Governor Cuomo. You can read about both issues below.
restaurant gift cards

Feeling The Accessibility Of Gift Cards

Remember all those gift cards you sold for the holidays? Little did you know that gift cards – what was once thought of as the gift that keeps on giving, could soon be the gift that bites back.
restaurant staff training session hospitality approach competition

Gov. Cuomo Presents New York Restaurants With Special Holiday Gift

With the release of a NYSDOL report about wages and payment practices, Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that he is ready to sign off on the restaurant industry saving findings and move forward
NYC Hospitality Alliance Seven Years

Seven Years Of Making NYC Hospitality Better

Earlier this month, the NYC Hospitality Alliance celebrated its 7th Anniversary representing and serving restaurant and nightlife establishments throughout the five boroughs at the chic Ascent Lounge.
Connecticut Governor Lamont

CT Governor Lamont Turns Back On Restaurants With Refusal To Ink...

Exercising his veto power for the first time, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont late last month rejected three laws passed by the Democrat-led General Assembly in 2019...
vacation mandate

4 of 5 Small Biz Owners Fear Layoffs From Vacation Mandate

Small business owners across the five boroughs fear layoffs and curtailment of their operations if New York City adopts an unfunded mandate requiring employers to provide employees with two weeks of paid vacation.