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paid vacation mandate

Unfunded, Paid Vacation Mandate

Advocates of Mayor de Blasio’s unfunded, two-week paid vacation mandate rallied at City Hall in support of the proposal. In advance of this rally, the NYC Hospitality Alliance & many other small business representatives...
small business coffee shop

Can Progressivism And Small Businesses Coexist?

Now is an opportunity for New York to discuss how we conduct economic development, and not only for big businesses. New York City needs a long-term, master plan to support small businesses and address our vacant storefront crisis.
vacation mandate

4 of 5 Small Biz Owners Fear Layoffs From Vacation Mandate

Small business owners across the five boroughs fear layoffs and curtailment of their operations if New York City adopts an unfunded mandate requiring employers to provide employees with two weeks of paid vacation.
restaurant mandates LLC

Enough Already! Halt The Costly Mandates On New York’s Businesses

This hearing focused on legislation mandating that small businesses provide employees with up to two weeks paid vacation. This is in addition to the one week of paid leave employers are already required to provide...
NYC street vendors

Regulating NYC Street Vendors

Last month, the NYC Hospitality Alliance’s Andrew Rigie and Max Bookman participated in a press conference and City Council hearing about proposed NYC street vendor legislation.
State of the Industry restaurant hospitality job loss Murphy

NYC Restaurants Shed Jobs And Industry Urges Gov. Cuomo To Save...

We have data confirming our fear: full service restaurants in New York City are shedding jobs. It’s no surprise why. Increasing labor costs, burdensome regulations, and high rents are putting unprecedented economic pressure on our city’s small business owners.
tip credit elimination restaurant cash flow

Protect Cash In Restaurants? NYC’s Ritchie Torres Sponsors Council Bill

New York City Council member Ritchie Torres proposed legislation last month that would require food and retail establishments to accept cash and forbid them from only accepting credit and debit cards.
NYC Hospitality Alliance 2018 Recap

So Much To Be Grateful For At ‘Alliance In 2018 Recap

In doing a recap of 2018, the NYC Hospitality Alliance monitored countless proposed laws impacting the city’s Hospitality industry. Our goal was to work towards the defeat of a number of anti-business proposals, mitigate the impact of others and advocate for important regulatory reforms.