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How Mining For Diamonds Is Similar To Finding Good Managers

What the experience teaches you is finding diamonds requires effort, training and a little luck. This is exactly what it is like to mine for managers in your restaurant.
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How To Protect Your Cash Flow

If you want to protect your restaurant’s cash flow, run a successful and profitable restaurant where guests come to enjoy a great meal and experience, and where your employees enjoy coming to work, you have to do these three things...
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3 Things To Do To Improve Cash Flow

When you need more food, what do you do? You order more food. But what if it doesn’t seem you should need more food? For example, what if your sales aren’t up?
Time Stealing Mistakes

3 Time Stealing Mistakes: How To Quit These Frustrating Habits

Running a restaurant is time consuming. How many times have you found that you didn’t get done anything you intended because of constant interruptions from vendors, customers, employees, you name it?
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The Secret To A Profitable Restaurant

Every restaurant owner who opens a restaurant accepts the responsibility of running a profitable restaurant. This obligation to be profitable ensures customers, employees, investors, family – and the restaurant owner – can count on the success of the restaurant to meet their needs.
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The Advantages of a Restaurant Coach

What does a restaurant coach do? There seem to be a lot of restaurant coaches popping up these days. How are they different from a restaurant consultant? To me, the distinction is simple.
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Do You Really Want Success Using Systems? You Need An Implementor

Here’s a truism if you want systems to be successful in your restaurant: You must have an implementor. You need someone who gets work done.