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Eliminating Waste and Hunger Through Education

Recently, at a talk for the Greater New York Dietetic Association, I was asked to share my thoughts on food waste, access and education. I’ve focused on food waste in the past, but access to food is not something we talk about enough and I appreciated the opportunity to address it.

Baldor Celebrates New Standards For Food Waste Strategies with Connecticut Event

Bronx, NY based food distributor Baldor has set its sites on changing mindsets on food waste disposal with their innovative and creative new SparCs initiative that’s aimed at combating food waste in America. A recent Zero Waste fundraiser event proved how it can be done. Watch the video to see how...
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8 Healthy Food and Beverage Trends For 2018

For 6 years, I've accurately predicted the Top 8 Healthy Food and Beverage Trends, and once again I’m here to help you break through the “bull” like a master butcher. In 2018, we’re returning to food basics, so start with your gut and you’ll soon be navigating the aisles like a pro.
Technology Can Reduce Food Waste

3 Unexpected Ways Modern Technology Can Reduce Food Waste

Despite years spent trying to effectively reduce food waste in restaurants, the numbers don’t paint a pretty picture. Throwing away food is throwing away money, and waste at this volume can stack up fast. On average, a restaurant loses 4-10% of its purchased food.
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Zeroing In On Restaurant Food Waste

Reducing your restaurant food waste isn’t just good for the environment, but also for business. Creating less waste can decrease your waste hauling bill, improve employee morale, and retain customers.
DSNY Food Waste Microgrant Program

DSNY’s Foundation for New York’s Strongest Launches First Microgrant Program for...

The NYC Department of Sanitation’s Foundation for New York’s Strongest today announced the launch of a Microgrant Program for city businesses looking to address food waste in their operations. The grants, worth up to $15,000, aim to help New York City businesses prevent, recycle or recover their food waste.
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The Answer To Food Waste? Make It Convenient

We throw away a lot of food. I mean mega TONS. Enough to where according to the UNEP, organic food waste is the largest source of methane emissions. That largely comes from fresh produce rotting in landfills.
NYC Food Waste Fair

DSNY’s Foundation for New York’s Strongest Announces its First NYC Food...

NYC Department of Sanitation and its Foundation for New York’s Strongest Announce NYC Food Waste Fair New York City businesses throw away more than 650,000 tons...