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Driving Lunch Sales: A Four-Step Plan To Greater Profitability

Building lunch sales is key to greater profitability in restaurants. This is because most of the costs associated with preparing for the dinner rush happen during the daytime.
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The Achilles Heel Of Restaurant Owners’ Food Cost

If I were to ask you what you think is driving your food cost up, what do you think you would answer? I bet you would tell me it’s the cost of your products.
manager meetings 2021

7 Steps to Effective Manager Meetings

Do you have manager meetings? I’m not talking about the passing-in-the-hall quick conversations, but actual sit-down meetings where you focus on moving the business forward? If you are having sit-down meetings, are they effective?
Point Of Sale System

What Point Of Sale System Should You Get?

The one question I get asked over and over again I give presentations, seminars and workshops all over the United States and Canada and if...
ChefTec EDI Interface labor costs

Top 3 Changes To Lower Labor Costs

Labor is a major area where restaurants can bleed profitability. Why? When the clock goes tick, you owe! For your food costs, if you...
restaurant drink comps lunch sales grocerant

Comps Are A Great Tool, As Long As The Staff Isn’t...

Taking care of our guests is very personal. How personal? Think about this: when is the last time you went to a retail store...