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The System Every Independent Operator Must Use Daily

Of all the restaurant management systems every independent operator uses daily, one is critical. If you’re tired of chasing your management team for important information, tired of hearing them tell you they didn’t know what you wanted or hearing a long laundry list of excuses...
POS System Uncertainty

Don’t Let Uncertainty Stop Your Restaurant’s Success

Running your restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic feels like trying to navigate your way home through a raging forest fire, like the ones that ravage the West Coast. Much like a forest fire burns homes to the ground and devastates communities...
Stellar Management Team restaurant manager kitchen staff

3 Tips to Build a Stellar Management Team

On the journey to building a stellar management team, one of the mistakes I see restaurant owners make over and over again is finding their best employee and then dragging them, kicking and screaming, into management. They’re usually an employee you love and...
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How to Secure Your Restaurant’s Future

Checklists are critical to your restaurant’s future! They allow you to impose your will without being in the restaurant. They set up your standards for your business, from cleanliness to service standards to product quality to line checks to passive and critical...
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7 Ways to Lower Restaurant Labor Costs

In about one week the restaurant industry went from paying overtime to employees because of a shortage of employees to skyrocketing unemployment rates. Although this tip does not directly address labor management during and through the pandemic...
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3 Things to Do Now to Recover Stronger

Restaurant operators are a resilient group, and I have a lot of hope for you and faith in your ability to get through this pandemic. However, it will take some adjustments because you can’t go back to the way you were doing things because costs will...
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Create a Cash Flow Budget to Ride Out the COVID-19 Pandemic

To make an informed and vetted decision, a restaurant owner MUST have a 12-week cash flow budget. Unlike an annual budget where you are looking to create a plan to be profitable, your 12-week budget is all about survival. Do you have enough cash to do that?
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Tips to See Your Restaurant Through This Crisis

I know one of the biggest questions you have is will your restaurant survive this crisis. What I have to tell you here should help you make some clear decisions.