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indoor dining nyc new york city

Indoor Dining Returns to New York City: What Restaurateurs Need to...

Indoor dining finally returned to New York City on September 30, 2020. The hope is that indoor dining will provide some needed relief to the struggling industry –restaurants lacking suitable outdoor space or for which reopening solely for outdoor dining was...
sick leave New York State

New York State Sick Leave: The Major Change That No One...

On April 3, 2020, New York enacted a statewide permanent sick leave law that will remain in effect after the current pandemic and its temporary protections have expired.  No one paid much attention because New York was at the height of the pandemic...
COVID liability waivers

COVID Liability Waivers: What Protection They Do And Do Not Offer

COVID-19 liability waivers cannot provide immunity to the business from all lawsuits or protections from employees’ claims under workers’ compensation laws or workplace safety laws. Such waivers may, however, limit or even prevent liability for negligence and...
restaurant reopening work share program

Making a NYS UI WORK Share Program Part of Your Reopening...

Under Governor Cuomo’s New York State’s Business Reopening Plan, restaurants may start offering outdoor dining in Phase 2, and resume indoor dining in Phase 3. Upon reopening or resuming service, restaurants are required to abide by certain health and...
NYC Commercial Lease Personal Liability Protections

New NYC Commercial Lease Personal Liability Protections: What’s the Story?

As summarized in a statement by Carlina Rivera, the City Council Member who sponsored the bill, “[w]ith the signing of my bill, any small business owner with a personal liability clause in their lease will see that provision temporarily suspended.”
restaurant reopening considerations

Some Considerations As The Restaurant Industry Hobbles Back Towards “Normal”

Restaurants in numerous states have been permitted to reopen for on-premises dining, whether outdoor only or indoor, with numerous anticipated restrictions. Restrictions presently in place include reduced customer capacity, prohibition on bar seating, requirements for employees - and in some cases patrons - to wear masks, and mandatory implementation of strict sanitation standards.
couple restaurant dessert wine normal

Navigating the Hospitality Industry’s Tough Road Back to “Normal”

The hospitality industry has been turned on its head as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. There are widespread restaurant and bar closures, and even those establishments that remain open for takeout and/or delivery are facing unique struggles.
covid-19 legal Q&A for restaurateur employers

COVID-19 Legal Q&A for Restaurateur Employers

We have summarized the answers to the most common legal questions that restauranteur employers may have concerning compensation, working conditions, and accommodating employees who cannot work because of COVID-19-related reasons.