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restaurant staff training session hospitality approach competition

The “True” Meaning of A Hospitality Approach

When I receive exemplary service in a restaurant, it's not only unexpected, but absolutely astounding… I frequently write about my travels around the country. To...
8 Great Things To Tell Your Staff paramount service restaurant

8 Great Things To Tell Your Staff Today

Given that the restaurant business is a performance, your guest experience is ultimately determined by how you as owner or manager set the stage. I’m...

F.A.C.E.S. Run Your Restaurant!

When I ran high-volume restaurants for 20 years, the acronym F.A.C.E.S. served as our team mantra.  Every day in every restaurant across America, we...
customer pet peeve complaints

Are Your Customers Peeved?

When I ran restaurants, I approached service from the customers point of view.  That is at least twice a week, I was a customer...
substandard service

Is The Service In Your Restaurant Paramount?

After more than twenty years in the restaurant business, I am really biased about service – because exemplary service built my business. It was a...
restaurant wow factor value

Does Your Restaurant Have “WOW” Factor?

When I was starting my first restaurant so many years ago, I made it clear to my staff that every dish coming out of...
restaurant design renzell

What Do The Most Beautiful Restaurants Have In Common?

Whether the best restaurant design is overtly ostentatious or decidedly understated may be an irrelevant consideration.
restaurant exit strategies

Restaurant Exit Strategies: Can You Walk Away?

I just returned from an idyllic few weeks on the Island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas where I was thinking about restaurant exit strategies. Several...