TableCraft Set To Debut Buffet & Catering Waste & Contamination Solutions at NRA Show

Every year food poisoning and waste plagues the food service industry, infecting millions, killing thousands, and costing operators billions of dollars. Keeping food out of the “danger zone” in which bacteria grows most rapidly—between 40 °F and 140 °F—is one key to keeping these epidemics at bay. 

In an effort to equip caterers and buffet operators with the tools they need to keep food out of this danger zone longer and easier, TableCraft® has launched the SaferFood Solutions™ Buffet & CaterWare line of cast aluminum products for both hot and cold applications. “Keeping food out of the danger zone can be a nightmare for caterers and buffet operators, especially when it comes to balancing the unique needs of keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold,” said TableCraft President David Burnside.

TableCraft Products Company, based in Gurnee, IL. is a leading manufacturer and direct importer servicing the foodservice industry worldwide. From multi-functional buffet service collections to classic and contemporary tabletop products, Tablecraft has built its reputation as a leader in developing products with a conscience through creative design, elevated style and versatility.

The new line SaferFood Solutions™ Buffet & CaterWare is the culmination of Tablecraft's 2011 acquisition of Professional Bakeware. “In 2007, we made an effort to expand our table top business,” Burnside said.  We realized that off prem catering has one set of challenges with hot and cold. So we started with porcelain and glass and then realized there's a lot of break ability so we expanded with stainless steel and melamine. As we got into it, we realized that we needed a more comprehensive entree into the catering marketplace. So we were introduced to Professional Bakeware by mutual friends.

However, caterers and buffet operators are uniquely challenged to do so because often their food sits out for long periods of time before it’s consumed. “We built this line of products with specific solutions for each scenario, including natural cast aluminum for hot foods, and coated cast aluminum for cold foods,” Burnside continued. It’s also interesting because, the definition of catering has expanded into many segments of B&I. Today it includes everything from college and university feeding that now offer Asian courts and pizza stations. 

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TableCraft’s natural cast aluminum products are ideal for hot applications up to 450 degrees. With a virtually indestructible aluminum core, these pieces are versatile and segments can cook, bake, broil, oven and steam in them and durable, as they rarely break or crack.

Keep in mind that the cornerstone of our business has been the ability to ship product within 24 hours. Dealers and their end user customers know that they can depend on us. Our goal is to offer the catering professional a custom look and feel with the immediacy of our Quick Ship program. 

With the cast aluminum, we are able to offer the durability and upscale look for hot/cold solutions we are known for. With a smooth finish that prevents microbial growth, TableCraft’s coated cast aluminum pieces are ideal for keeping food cold. The DuraDesign coatings prevent food residue build-up for the life of the pieces – usually 5-8 years and are available in different colors. TableCraft will also offer a recoating program to give pieces a second life for half the price of replacing them.   

“We know that our customers work in demanding environments and we are committed to bringing them innovative products that are made with a conscience,” said Burnside. “Together with our back-of-the-house SaferFood Solutions that help operators cut down on waste and contamination, we offer caterers end-to-end solutions for preparing, storing and serving food.”

 “2013 will be a year of steady product introductions from our company,” Burnside noted.  “At NRA, we will kick off a line of NSF and safer food products in an option dispenser. Very interesting in that we were able to take a classic design and update it with a SaferFood Solutions™.  In addition, we have a SaferFood pour master for the bar and line of cooling plates that you simply freeze, put our cast aluminum product on it and you have a simple and highly effective solution. 

For the catering professional and food service equipment and supply dealer in search of innovative solutions, expanding Tablecraft's booth #2612 is a must stop on their 2013 NRA itinerary.