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Sugartooth Tours walking tours in NYC

Everyone has a sweet tooth, whether you are in love with the cupcakes over at Magnolia Bakery or are obsessed with the cookie dough at DO Cookie Dough Confections. It’s that one thing that we all have in common. That is exactly the philosophies that lead to two New York City’s first bakery walking tour. We had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah Morgan of Sugartooth Tours to learn more about these deliciously filled walking tours in NYC and how it’s helping people connect.

Sugartooth Tours walking tours in NYCWhen Allyson moved to New York she found herself always looking for the best desserts. Whether Allyson was auditioning, performing, or waiting tables she would find herself seeking out the best desert shops in whatever neighborhood she happened to be in. “I always had a passion for finding where those treats were and telling other people about it. I was always trying to find the best off the beaten path bakeries with the best desserts,” said Morgan. It may have started as a passion but Sugartooth Tours are now on its fifth year of sharing the best sweets in New York City with anyone with a sweet tooth.

Depending on the time oSugartooth Tours walking tours in NYCf year the tours may vary from stopping at an Ice Cream shop to grabbing some hot cocoa. Right now Sugartooth is offering a variety of tours from their Broadway Bites tour, which discovers the stories of the bright lights of Broadway while tasting quintessentially New York Desserts from iconic spots like Ben’s Delicatessens, Amy’s Bread and a handful of others. Or their most popular tour the Find Heaven in Hell’s Kitchen Tour, where you can learn about the history of Hell’s Kitchen while having a tasting at Schmackarys. The last consistent tour that Sugartooth Tours offers is their Sweeter Than Sugar Chelsea & West Village Tour which takes you on 1.5 mile tour which kicks off in the charming neighborhood of Chelsea makes stops in the West Village and then takes you around the Meatpacking District.

Sugartooth even offers some specialty tours by request like their Village-to-Village Cupcake Crawl Across Manhattan and their Future Foodies Dessert Tour. Not to mention their seasonSugartooth Tours walking tours in NYC tours like the Ice Cream Summer Sunday Tours or their upcoming Sweeter Than Sugar Valentines Edition Tour. “On our Valentines Day tour we featured chocolates, of course, cupcakes with the option to add on a wine or beer pairing. Not to mention a half-pound cookies from City Cake, a personal favorite. All while sipping on hot chocolate from Amy’s Bread with homemade marshmallows that are absolutely to die for,” Morgan adds.

Sugartooth may be a foodies’ dream but these tours are a pleasure for local shops all across New York. “One of the things that we’re really proud of is that we like to connect local consumers with the shop owners and the bakers that make their goods,” said Morgan. Aside from the occasional tour customers, Sugartooth provides these bakeries with the opportunity for loyal return customers. These tours are a way for the baker and the consumer to really connect and create a more impactful relationship that can help businesses prosper. It creates great customer reviews, word of mouth, social media mentions which is all unparallel free advertising.

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Sugartooth Tours walking tours in NYCIt’s no surprise that you may live in the city your entire life without discovering some of these spots. This why Sugartooth is an essential gap filler for consumers and small business owners to connect. “We live in a big city with a great degree of anonymity. That’s just something really special that we do. For example, one of the stops on our Valentine’s tour is Sweet Revenge. And their owner, Marlo, has a really interesting story. Marlo is always there when we bring our tours and is always happy to speak with our guests. She loves to share her experience about how she started her shop. It makes the experience not just about eating desert, but it’s also about meeting the people that make your food and forming those relationships. You can go back in the future and say, yeah, I know the owner. I got to hear about how this place came into fruition. It just makes the experience a little bit more special,” said Morgan.

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