Stephanie Oakland Offers Duo Of Scenic Hampton Bays Dining Experiences

Hampton Bays Dining

Stephanie Oakland runs two very popular restaurants in Hampton Bays, New York. Oakland’s and Sunday’s On The Bay both offer diners delicious food in a picturesque setting. Oakland’s husband Doug opened Oakland’s in 1992. For the past few years, Stephanie has taken the reins and ran both restaurants with her sister-in-law, Christine.

Oakland’s and Sunday’s share a similar Hampton Bays dining concept, but have noticeable differences. Sunday’s is a local year-round restaurant with a lower price point, while Oakland’s is a seasonal restaurant, open for business from mid-April to the end of October. At Sunday’s, diners can enjoy hamburgers for lunch or dinner, but a slightly more sophisticated environment and a less casual approach at Oakland’s means hamburgers are unavailable for dinner. However, both restaurants provide scenic views and a pleasant atmosphere. Considering the fact that waterfront restaurants are surprisingly rare in the Hamptons, diners come to Oakland’s and Sunday’s to enjoy the delicious fare as well as the charming setting.

Hampton Bays Dining
Stephanie Oakland

“We’re very fortunate to be located on the water in the Hamptons. Having the ability to offer our diners great food coupled with a scenic atmosphere really brings an additional dimension to the restaurants,” Oakland explained.

Oakland recognizes the importance of evolution, but the models at Oakland’s and Sunday’s are timeless. Customers continue to return to enjoy the food and the view. The menus continue to offer the American style seafood cuisine, but Oakland recognizes the value in paying attention to the trends in the industry. Although the menus have largely remained the same, some of the particular ingredients have changed in response to the trends.

“At Sunday’s and Oakland’s, we have always served the freshest food, and that will never go out of style. Our menus offer extensive options, and I think our customers appreciate that. However, we’re always making small adjustments to the particulars based on the industry trends,” said Oakland.

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The clientele at Oakland’s and Sunday’s has undergone some change based on the development of the community. “In the late nineties, a younger crowd was frequenting Oakland’s. They would come for lunch or dinner, and then go out to the local clubs. We don’t have a lot of nightclubs in Hampton Bays anymore. As a result, the crowd has matured into a lot of older families, but we still get visits from the younger crowd as well,” Oakland described.

It is important to note that Sunday’s and Oakland’s are two independent restaurants with two separate kitchens. However, the restaurants use the same distributors and vendors. For equipment, Oakland has worked with Bob Mendelsohn at Bar Boy since day one. “We’ve worked with Bar Boy for our equipment for quite some time. This winter we will again look for Bar Boy’s guidance to replace and upgrade our walk-ins and refrigeration. They’ve been very knowledgeable and helpful. We’ve always been loyal to that company,” said Oakland.

Since Oakland took the helm, Sunday’s On The Bay and Oakland’s have continued to flourish. The season has winded down for Oakland’s, but looking back, it was another successful summer. “I can honestly say that it was a great summer despite the weather. We would have preferred the sunny weather to be a little more consistent, but nonetheless, it was a very good season,” said Oakland. Oakland’s is closing shortly for the offseason until April, but Sunday’s is open for business and will continue to be a Hampton Bays Dining destination for hungry diners throughout the winter months.