Ice Cream Gets Spirited With Frost 321

Frost 321

Mixology over the past few years has evolved at such an exponential rate you might not know it is an art, a talent, and a science. As we enter this new age of craft beer and creative cocktails, there is and will always be a need for a new level of innovation. Frost 321 understands that people are looking for something more than just a delicious, creative cocktail. We had the pleasure of chatting with Frost 321’s founder and president Reema Shroff.

It may look like a science presentation, but Frost 321 is one of the first frozen ice cream craft cocktail companies. With a little help from liquid nitrogen, Frost 321 is able to create craft ice cream cocktails in a matter of seconds. Frost 321 is taking off and popping up at events and stadiums all over the country. Most recently Frost 321 attended The Alamo Bowl to serve approximately 60,000 people. “We can churn out ice cream at 700 servings per machine. So when we do a large event like this, we can line up different liquid nitrogen stations to serve very large groups of people in a short time,” said Reema.

It all started when Reema and her husband were attending an Indian-French family wedding in Paris. After seeing a liquid nitrogen ice cream experience at the reception, it was all Reema could think about on the eight-hour flight home and, with the help of a few glasses of champagne, Reema and her husband both agreed there was something there.

“Our first concerns were safety concerns, I’m all about risk management, and you’re using liquid nitrogen that is at a very, very cold temperature, 321 below zero Fahrenheit. The second thing we considered was how do you take an experience that is not new and make it innovative,” said Reema. Three years later, Frost 321 is nationwide and beginning to make its way into the retail marketplace.

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“It wasn’t an overnight project either, we did a lot of playing with machines that would giveus the ability to do that both on the market and off. Now three years later, almost to the day, we are on version four of our proprietary machine,” said Reema. Through trial and error, Reema and her partner were able to manufacture a machine that is safe and requires no physical contact with the liquid nitrogen. The liquid nitrogen is used as a freezing agent and, as an added plus, creates a mist around the mixing bowl.

What helps Frost 321 stand out in the liquid nitrogen ice cream market is their focus on the spirited ice cream recipes. Through partnerships with different alcohols like Jim Beam, Makers Mark and Sauza tequila, Frost 321 is able to create signature recipes and even custom recipes based on the event. In reality this is the only way you can truly freeze alcohol. “With our margaritas, you’re actually freezing the tequila. Take our Makers Mark chocolate ice cream drink, the one-ounce of Makers Mark that’s in the four-ounce serving is actually frozen,” said Reema.

Now here is the tasty part, through teaming up with chefs and mixologists, Frost 321 has a phenomenal menu offering innovative and custom spirited ice creams. One of their most popular concoctions is their Simply Scotch. “We take chocolate ice cream, add some scotch to it, freeze it, and then drizzle some caramel on top. Another favorite is our Dark Cherry Bourbon; we soak the cherries in bourbon and add the bourbon, cherries, and cherry ice cream and then pair it with a bourbon bread pudding,” noted Reema. The list of creative drinks goes on and on, from adult dreamsicles, vanilla vodka with root beer ice cream to a frozen Saint Germaine infused strawberries floating in champagne. Frost 321 is also working to create a need for spirited ice creams at resorts, clubs, and shopping centers. Who wouldn’t want a spirited cocktail as they sit by the pool all day?

Reema and her team have expanded from Texas and now have Frost 321 in nearly every market nationwide. For those of us in the Northeast, Frost 321 has a team in New Jersey covering the tri-state area. With LED illuminated bars and a friendly welcoming team, Frost 321 is a huge attraction, everything from galas to corporate parties, to a major arena football game. From London to San Diego, Frost 321 is working events all over the country and more.

To learn more about Frost 321, visit their website.