Sox And Yanks Fans Come Together As New England Coffee Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Michael Morse, vice president of marketing, Reily Foods Company

A Malden, MA-based company has come up with an innovative way to get Greater Boston area and Metro New York Foodservice operators and their customers to put aside the animosity created by Sox vs. Yanks and Pats vs. Jets.

New England Coffee has launched its “Extraordinary People Campaign,” a year-long centennial campaign that honors the company’s customers and consumers for helping them reach this important milestone.  The company has also introduced three new coffees, along with a much anticipated cold brew coffee, according to Michael Morse, vice president of marketing, Reily Foods Company.

The campaign is a sampling and engagement tour throughout New England that will travel to restaurants, coffee shops and community locations around New England to thank “the extraordinary people who serve and drink New England Coffee,” asserted Morse.  It also includes a newly designed website; a social media initiative; a special Centennial Reserve Coffee for Foodservice and retail, a medium roast Kenyan-Ethiopian blend.  “That’s been 100 years in the making,” noted Morse.

The products of New England Coffee, a division of Reily Foods, are available in the NY metro area through direct order and delivery.

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“We are very excited to be marking our centennial year by celebrating the people who got us here,” said Morse. “Our dedicated employees and the hardworking people who serve and drink our coffee in big cities and small towns all over the country are the reason we’ve prospered for 100 years. And, they’re the reason we’ve never wavered on quality and the processes we use. We are grateful to them all.”

Morse, who pointed out that he’s new to the business, still understands coffee and its lover. “I’ve always gotten how passionate consumers are about coffee and how it’s such a big part of their day,” he declared.  “What makes us different is that the message from our customers every time is that our coffee is consistent and a quality blend.”  When a consumer gets a cup of New England coffee, he knows it will be the same time and time again.  “That’s because of the extraordinary effort that we go through to approve every shipment of coffee beans.  Every batch is examined by expert coffee raters, who test every batch of coffee on the way in and on the way out, before and after the beans are roasted.  We pay real attention to detail.”

Morse explained that though coffee is a very sought-after drink, challenges remain.  “You have to fight the perception that a cup of coffee is a cup of coffee and to realize that not only are there truly differences, but that even the average consumer can tell the difference between a good cup of coffee and an average cup of coffee.”

At the recent New England Food Show in Boston, the company introduced its special Centennial Reserve coffee blend as Foodservice and retail offerings. Known for flavored coffees, New England Coffee has also debuted two new seasonal flavors, Butter Pecan and Peach Berry Smash, available now through August, along with its Cold Brew Steeping Kit, made with 100% Arabica fresh ground coffee blend developed for slow steeping to deliver a superior, smooth brew, Morse maintained.

New England Coffee products has its roots in Foodservice but today is sold in 10,000 restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores and office buildings.   

“It’s just a bag of beans but we make it special,” he concluded.