SmogHog Brings Foodservice Professionals Seminar Dedicated to Designing Kitchen Emission Systems

Kitchen Emission Systems Smoghog

Three experts in the field of Kitchen Emissions have put together a program to bring Mechanical Engineers, Food Service Consultants, food service dealers, and mechanical contractors in the New York metropolitan area the latest information regarding the design of kitchen emissions systems.

Kitchen Emission Systems SmoghogBacked by SmogHog® by UAS, the Seminar instructors include Joel Berkowitz, partner/vice president of New York City-based Fireproofing, Rich Hayes, Kvent partner with 35 years of experience in kitchen ventilation design and installation and Mike Smith, with 30 years of experience in kitchen ventilation design will share their expertise and provide specific information related to Kitchen Emission Systems.

Initially, the seminar was a one-time event, but following the interest from the audience, this group has decided to offer additional sessions. “This Seminar is the first of several we will hold over the next 18-months”, stated Hayes, “the response from Engineers and Food Service Consultants has been tremendous, you can not easily obtain this concentration of expertise on the design of Kitchen Emission Systems.”

Attendees will learn about the proper design and installation of Kitchen Emission Systems to ensure effective and efficient removal of grease and odors from cooking processes. The two-hour program will cover:

  • Review Title 24 of the Administrative Code of the City of New York updated COOK STOVE rules, emission control device requirements established by NYC DEP
  • How to choose the proper type of air cleaner for your application
  • Get up-to-date on NYC Code requirements and new NYC Air Quality Regulations
  • Review plumbing and electrical requirements for air cleaners
  • Designing for proper access to the building space
  • Requirements for proper duct design
  • Fire protection requirements and design
  • NYC service requirements for air cleaners plus regulations for service techs and service company

To learn more about Designing Kitchen Emissions Systems seminars, email Rich Hayes at

About New York City-based Fireproofing Corporation of America

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An important part of the Fire Safety Team in New York City and Tri-State area. We are informed and aware of regulations by the local authority having jurisdictions because we have participated in the establishment and implementation of them. Ownership has worked with FDNY on Certificate of Fitness Testing for Kitchen Exhaust Technicians as well as Precipitator Technicians. We advise property owners of the hazards and consequences of neglected kitchen exhaust systems and work to maintain and clean these systems to the best of our ability in a more environmentally friendly fashion. As an industrial cleaning service that specializes in cleaning commercial and industrial kitchen exhaust systems, as well as precipitators for over 20 years in NYC, we have been fortunate to be asked to present on these subjects to the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, FDNY and other Local Jurisdictions. For more information, visit their website.

About Kvent, Inc.

Dedicated to the design, engineering, and sale of air movement, air conditioning, and pollution control equipment specializing in the food service industry. We actively work with mechanical engineers, food service consultants, food service dealers, and mechanical contractors in the New York metropolitan area. We specify field survey and design the equipment required for a well-engineered, fully integrated system. For more information, visit their website.

About SmogHog®

Lean on SmogHog, a world leader and well-known group of experts that address environmental issues resulting from annoying smoke and greasy odors emitted from kitchens, as well as the challenges in designing a system that meets regulations. Delivering a commercial kitchen exhaust and air cleaning brand that has 50 years of ESP design experience built-in. SmogHog is unmatched in design, efficiency, and technical support. We bring solutions for multi-story structures, environmental standards, code compliance, limited space available and multi-restaurant applications such as casinos, hotels, high-rise buildings, food courts, restaurants, stadiums and theme parks. For more information, visit