Smith Names Bullfrog + Baum Agency of Record

Bullfrog + Baum

Award-Winning NYC-Based Marketing Agency Welcomes Asbury Park, NJ-Based Creative Collective to Its Roster

Bullfrog + Baum has been named the agency of record for Smith, a multi-faceted creative collective that creates authentic places through design, hospitality, food and beyond. Bullfrog + Baum will serve as Smith’s agency of record, developing public relations and marketing campaigns to promote its numerous hospitality concepts, as well as its unique brand development program, Fishbird.

Helmed by Partners Meg Brunette, Kyle Lepree, Jason Watt and Jim Watt, Smith is built on a spirit of bold entrepreneurship that constantly challenges how quickly intentions can become reality. From its inception as a printing and design house to its current iteration, Smith’s underlying mission has always been to contribute to and cultivate the community where it works and the lives of those who work for it.

Since 1996, Smith has called Asbury Park, NJ, its home and has established five culinary concepts there, all with the focused goal of transforming the once-neglected seaside city: Neapolitan pizzeria Porta, craft beer hot spot and pub Brickwall Tavern & Dining Room and its sister bar The Annex, French brasserie Pascal & Sabine, and tiki bar Little Buddy

In addition to Asbury Park, Smith has opened a second location of Porta in Jersey City, NJ, and another Brickwall Tavern in Burlington, NJ (a historic town just outside of Philadelphia that is on the rise), with additional projects on the horizon for 2017 and beyond.

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Along with its hospitality concepts, Smith is also behind Fishbird, a unique brand development program that sprung from the way the collective’s partners approach life. Led by Partner Jason Watt, Fishbird incorporates a series of facilitated sessions that support participants to engage their imaginations to create the future. During Fishbird, participants author and align to a vision, develop the necessary skills and insights to fulfill on that vision, and design action plans to achieve their goals. The philosophy has been adopted by Fortune 500 corporations and top executives to make significant paradigm shifts in their respective industries. 

Bullfrog + Baum

About Bullfrog + Baum:

Bullfrog + Baum is an acclaimed, award-winning marketing agency with a reputation for excellence and success. Based in New York City, Bullfrog + Baum specializes in hospitality, lifestyle and consumer marketing. Founded in 2000, Bullfrog + Baum works with new and established brands, incorporating traditional and experimental tactics to tell the “now” of a brand’s story. Visit for more information.  

About Smith:

Smith is a collective of leading creators, movers and thinkers transforming great American cities through the audacity of hospitality, coupled with great design with integrity. Based in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Smith has launched numerous concepts throughout the state, including pizzeria Porta (Asbury Park, NJ; Jersey City, NJ); craft beer hot spot and pub Brickwall Tavern and Dining Room (Asbury Park, NJ; Burlington, NJ) and its sister bar The Annex (Asbury Park, NJ), French brasserie Pascal & Sabine (Asbury Park, NJ), and tiki bar Little Buddy (Asbury Park, NJ). In addition to its hospitality concepts, Smith has also pioneered Fishbird, a unique brand development process that has been tapped by Fortune 500 corporations and top executives, including Virgin Mobile and Johnson & Johnson.