Smart Soda Recharges Beverage Menus With Eco-Friendly Alkaline Water and Vitamin Infused Soda

Smart SodaProper food preparation and presentation plays a significant role in the success of a restaurant or foodservice operation. Today’s customers demand food that combines great taste and looks fresh and colorful. There are a number of key factors including a healthy, delicious menu and inviting décor, a friendly staff and great location. Providing that fine dining experience that customers will cherish for a lifetime is a common denominator that often sits in the background: the world’s most essential resources: water.

Smart SodaAs with everything else that today’s restaurant and foodservice professional source, not just any water will do. Smart Soda, the world’s leading provider of premium water technologies for both commercial and private use, has introduced a natural commercial water purification system designed to produce the healthiest and tastiest alkaline and sparkling mineral water at the touch of a button.

Smart Soda
Ms. Julia Solooki, MBA

Smart Soda’s line of products is designed for use in restaurants, banquet halls, schools, hospitals, and anywhere that people drink beverages. The company’s principal, Julia Solooki explained: “It’s basically a fit for all. It can be used in an office where it’s self-serving, an organic cafe or fast food chain where people can definitely offer self serve as well. It can be filled at the bar or in the back and brought out in bottles. It can be easily prepackaged and ready in a refrigerated area of cafes and fast foods.”

Smart Soda
Mr. Lior Shafir

“Our target markets include organic restaurants and high-end restaurants, juice and salad bar that are not offering soda but are looking for healthy, tasty sodas to offer their clients,” added Smart Soda’s CEO, Lior Shafir.  “We understand that foodservice operators are experiencing a decline in soda sales. So our goal has been to reinvent the use of water to create a fresh new approach that combines a new healthy and flavorful twist on traditional soda and water.”

To meet the diverse needs and requirements of foodservice operators, Smart Soda offers a wide range of soda and flavored sparkling water with low  or no calories. “We offer three different elements which begins with exotic flavors in which we carbonate mineralized water,” Solooki noted. “This means it minimizes the acidity of regular carbonated water. Secondly, it has all the infusions of calcium that feeds all the other minerals. And the third element is that it is vitamin infused, making it the world’s first vitamin infused flavored sparkling water and soda.” The sodas are all vegan, non-GMO and made with organic cane sugar.

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Today, restaurants spend a significant amount of funds on water and sparkling water in addition to storage and shipping costs. With these highly advanced technologies, restaurants can save more and spend less. The Smart Soda device comes with a special cooling technology that ensures the bottles remain cold for as long as possible. Smart Soda’s high-end products and machines will not only set restaurants and food operators apart from their competition but also increase their revenue base.   

Smart SodaThe waters created from the Smart Soda unit enable the operator to recast their beverage P&L. “Catering halls looking to strengthen their own brand will customize our bottles and package them in their gift bags,” Solooki added. “Restaurants can charge from two dollars to nine dollars, for their house branded water depending on the size of the establishment. We’re convinced that we have a model that will enable restaurant owners to generate up to $20,000 in new beverage revenue per month.” 

According to Shafir, the installation of a Smart Soda system enables a restaurant or foodservice operator to add the benefits of alkaline water to both their beverage menu and the culinary side of their operation.

“More and more clients are choosing alkaline water, and sparkling water over the soda and the good thing is that Smart Soda offers both options,” Shafir said. We have a special filtration element that is part of every installation where the customer gets the alkalinity effect for the regular water. Since we are providing an unlimited amount of alkaline water a lot of people can cook and bake with it. Restaurants can also add to their menu that they are cooking with alkaline water.”

Smart Soda offers a free consultation that will enable the operator to choose from a wide range of programs including EcoSmart, SimplySmart, FreshlySmart, and PracticallySmart. The consultation will enable the operator to test drive Smart Soda’s high-end beverage products and create a strategy that includes the line of Italian made bottles that meet the strictest international standards and regulations for safety and hygiene. The service is available nationwide and provided by Ken’s Beverage Inc.

To learn more about Smart Soda, please visit their website.