McCall Returns To Take Reigns of US Foods Metro New York Operation

US Foods

Shawn McCall has returned to Metro New York to take on the role of Area President for US Foods.

McCall has been with US Foods for 22 years, starting his career in sales and merchandising in Boston, MA. He then moved up and served as a Sales Manager in New York for five years before being promoted to Vice President of Sales and ultimately President of US Foods’ Cleveland, OH operation. With his new role in Metro New York, Shawn McCall is responsible for overseeing more than a billion dollars in sales, human resources, finance and merchandising support staff, who are dedicated to helping independent operators across Metro New York.

US Foods Shawn McCall
Shawn McCall

“It’s been 10 years since I left the Tri-State market and it’s great to get back again,” he explained. McCall first got his start in the industry as a young student working at a restaurant, which he claims is where his passion for the food industry began. “When you work in a restaurant, you get to be part of a community. Here at US Foods, I am able to be part of that community by helping restaurant operators. It’s certainly satisfying and a passion of mine!”

With so many years in the food service niche, McCall has seen a lot. According to him, it’s no longer as simple as merely providing food distribution services. “The need has greatly shifted and restaurant operators are asking US Foods to support them with every aspect of their operations,” the Philadelphia, PA native said. “It’s our job to help them stay competitive and that’s why they think of us as a true partner.”

US FoodsUS Foods has evolved to stay ahead of the competition by offering their restaurant partners a number of convenient services that allows them to run their businesses smoothly. Everything from normal delivery operations to their Exclusive Brands that provide clean label ingredients and more, restaurant partners in Metro New York look to McCall and his team for all their needs. US Foods even offers a new same-day delivery service called Pronto, which provides fast and flexible deliveries in addition to regularly scheduled normal orders, which only adds to the convenience of their services. US Foods is aiming to be a one-stop shop for their customers, and also offers a wide array of culinary equipment and supplies for anything a restaurant might need for success. Anything from spoons, to fry fryers, culinary uniforms and more, US Foods can offer it!

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Despite being out of the region for a while, Shawn McCall realizes that he’s in charge of one of the biggest and most important sectors in the nation. “New York is a thriving market,” he explains. “I think it’s the center of innovation and US Foods needs to be at the center of that and that’s why we employ best-in-class industry experts who have a finger on that thriving pulse.” While in Cleveland, McCall noticed that trends would emanate in New York City and then find their way to the Ohio marketplace. “New York is always going to be that market that generates those trends that impact the entire nation.”

McCall hopes to continue providing state of the industry service and care to his restaurant partners in his new role and grow it even more. He’s taking his team and breathing new life in the region, walking hand-in-hand with his customers.

“We have a deep and diverse team of culinary specialists that share their expertise with our partners. From ideas on front of the house restaurant operations to helping a chef with menu ideas in the kitchen, our team is ready,” McCall outlined. “We’re here to be consultants to our customers so that they can stay relevant in a competitive market. We aim to give them the tools to have that edge over others.”

Shawn McCall is looking forward to greeting Metro New York City restaurant and foodservice professionals next month. His US Foods team will be hosting their annual New York City show at the Jacob Javits Center on
Wednesday, October 24th.