Sani Professional Offers Cleaner, Less Expensive Surface Wipe Solution

A dirty rag that is repeatedly used to clean surfaces is a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria, and a foodborne illness outbreak can cause irreparable damage to a restaurant business.

Now, Sani Professional® is significantly advancing the industry with its introduction of Table Turners—single-use, disposable wipes that are more hygienic than cloths repeatedly used to clean surfaces. With new Table Turners sanitizing wipes, operators can run efficiently, safely, and profitably while enhancing the guest experience.

“We believe this product has the potential to change the way the foodservice industry cleans and sanitizes,” said Sani Professional Vice President Matt Schiering.“If customers knew what was on cleaning rags that are swished around in dirty water they would gag,” said Schiering. “The traditional rag and red bucket is too often the cause of cross-contamination and this risky practice needs to change.

We’re giving foodservice operators a long overdue, fool-proof solution that guarantees effective sanitization while saving the operator money.” Table Turners are pre-moistened, no-rinse sanitizing wipes that kill 99.999 percent of bacteria such as e.coli, staphyloccus aureus and shigella boydii in 60 seconds. They also kill 99.9 percent of salmonella and kledsiella pnuemonae in five minutes. Table Turners provide guaranteed sanitizing in every wipe. Each wipe is pre-measured to deliver approximately 175 ppm of quaternary ammonium chlorides, taking the human error out of hand mixing disinfectants. Table Turners cleans and sanitizes hard, non-porous food contact surfaces in one easy step. The wipes come in advanced Eco-Pak packaging for convenient use. And, compared to the cost of towels and detergents, Sani Professional wipes actually save operators money.

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“The CDC believes that the war on food-borne illness is a winnable war,” said Schiering, “and our product is a more efficient way for restaurants to help win that war.”The Triple Take Dispenser is an innovative carrying and dispensing system that is intuitive and easy to use. The Triple Take bucket dispenses the no-rinse sanitizing wipe while acting as a portable temporary trash receptacle and providing a no-touch disposal.

A worker simply pulls a wipe from the Eco-Pak pouch, wipes a hard surface clean and puts the used wipe in a compartment on the dispenser. When it’s full, the worker releases the compartment and drops the used wipes into the trash without having to touch them.

The Sani Professional Quat Check Kit is a reliable, easy-to-use tool designed to give operators peace of mind and assist with food safety inspections. The easy-to-use test kit can verify that each wipe is within the range of a 175 ppm-200 ppm ratio of quat sanitizer to water the EPA mandates. Each kit contains a syringe, jar and bottle of quat test strips with simple instructions on how to conduct the test.
“Health inspectors are a fact of life for restaurant owners. The Quat Check Kit ensures that you can show them proper sanitizer levels, every time,” said Schiering.According to Schiering, many operators underestimate the costs associated with using the rag and bucket method. Rags need to be purchased or rented and then laundered on an ongoing basis. He said, “People say, ‘the chemicals are cheap,’ and they’re right. But what isn’t cheap is the rag rentals, which can run a restaurant hundreds of dollars a month. On average, restaurants who switch to the Sani Professional system cut their cleaning costs by 25%.” To do a cost comparison, operators can use the Cost Calculator located at

The calculator takes into account things like units, tables, guests and days open per year to show the cost savings of Table Turners over reusable towels. Ahead of competitors and the industry in eco-conscious design, Table Turners contains 90 percent less chemical residue vs. competitors and is less toxic than most sanitizers because it is EPA-registered for food contact. No additional water is needed to rinse surfaces and the material is 100 percent High Density PolyPropolyene, which is recyclable. Operators should contact their recyclers to determine if they can handle non-solid state materials.

The wipes are safe to use in the front-of-house in the dining room, host/hostess station, counter tops, and beverage dispensers as well as in the back-of house on food prep tables, non-wood cutting boards, food carts, exterior surfaces of food mixers, kitchen appliances, steam tables and other similar hard non-porous surfaces. Sani Professional is a division of PDI, Inc., the global leader in the manufacture of single-use, non-woven wipes. Sani Professional offers an array of disposable hand wipes, hard surface wipes and cleaning accessories that make commercial cleaning convenient, safe, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a fast growing solutions provider for the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting needs of food, industrial, healthcare, hospitality and other broader away-from-home operations. Committed to the prevention of community-acquired infections (CAI), Sani Professional offers products that are EPA-registered and food code compliant to meet food safety industry standards. For more information visit