Rubbermaid Commercial’s Food Safety Solution Gets High Approval

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Color-Coded Foodservice System

Rubbermaid may be a household name for most of us as consumers, but it is also a brand we should come across in our professional lives too as Rubbermaid Commercial Products (RCP). RCP has created a food safety solution to help prevent cross-contamination in restaurants called the RCP Color-Coded Foodservice System.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Color-Coded Foodservice System“With highly publicized and costly food safety issues becoming increasingly common, the time is right for a simple solution that helps reduce cross-contamination in any commercial kitchen,” said Jeff Amrein, director, brand marketing for Rubbermaid Commercial Products.

The RCP Color-Coded Foodservice System is simple to use, easy to implement, is a great value and has big results. Designed to help commercial kitchens reduce foodborne illness and cross-contamination, the line of color-coded products includes everything from prep tools to storage, including cutting boards, cutting board racks, tongs, high heat spatulas, and storage containers. The seven color options are designed to facilitate the safe handling of raw meat, poultry dairy, seafood, cooked meat, produce and potential allergens by your staff.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Color-Coded Foodservice System“This is essential for any restaurant in any commissary; in any place you are cooking, this is an ideal solution,” Amrein said. “Food safety issues don’t just damage the reputation of the restaurant, they also have significant financial impact. It is estimated that each foodborne illness incident can cost a business up to $75,000. The total annual cost to the US economy is in excess of $15 billion.”

To underscore its commitment to consumers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products reached out to the American Culinary Federation (ACF) for their seal of approval. For those who don’t know the ACF was established in 1929 and is the biggest organization of professional chefs in North America. With over 17,000 members and 150 chapters nationwide. ACF is the leading culinary organization offering educational resources, training, apprenticeship and programmatic accreditation.

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The ACF’s seal of approval denotes a foodservice manufacturer whose products have been endorsed by this premier organization of professional chefs. This seal of approval doesn’t come lightly either; the ACF undergoes extensive product testing and evaluation before they stamp their seal on it.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Color-Coded Foodservice SystemThe Color-Coded Foodservice System was tested with a plethora of cooking, prepping and storage methods, including boiling, frying, sautéing, baking, storing, and refrigeration. These trials are designed to evaluate the physical performance, consistency, adaptability and accuracy of the product. The Color-Coded Foodservice System passed and now wears the ACF’s seal of approval with pride.

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Color-Coded Foodservice System is making its way to distribution channels all over Metro New York City and on a national level.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Color-Coded Foodservice SystemFor more information or how to purchase the products from your local distributor or wholesaler, head to the Rubbermaid Commercial Products website.