Roaming Hunger

In 2008, Ross Resnick came up with an incredible idea that would allow him to pursue two of his lifelong passions: food and technology. He combined his love for technology and undeniable excitement for gourmet food to create Roaming Hunger.

In a nutshell, Roaming Hunger connects foodies with their favorite food trucks. The emergence of a struggling economy and the need for a fast-paced progressive community has provided incredible economic opportunities for mobile restaurants. Enter Ross with a way to track, catalogue, feature, advertise, and market this fascinating food truck revolution.

Prior to Roaming Hunger, food trucks used the widely confusing world of Twitter to let foodies know where they were parked. Understanding the necessity to simplify this process, Ross developed a way for his site to aggregate these tweets onto an easy-to-use Google map. With the site growing as fast as the thriving industry, foodies can find their favorite food truck while on-the-go with the Roaming Hunger iPhone app.

Roaming Hunger provides three key elements for businesses and consumers—the first being Book a Vendor. Food truck catering is the staple and the future of the industry. Roaming Hunger has booked food trucks ranging from private catering for 10,000 people at Google’s world HQ to children birthday parties. With 3,000 trucks nationwide, Roaming Hunger can provide any type of cuisine, sweet or savory for any event imaginable. Notable clients include: Live Nation, YouTube & Yelp!.

Host Milano January 2019 728×90

Roaming Hunger’s Food Truck Takeover program brings brands to life through interactive mobile billboards. From single day to yearlong promotions, we’ll create fully customizable truck wraps, menu creation and product integration. Roaming Hunger can promote your brand and generate countless impressions for your company. Notable clients include Anhueser-Busch, Stub Hub and National Geographic.

Thinking of starting your own food truck? Take your restaurant dream to the next level with Roaming Hunger’s latest feature, Start a Food Truck. Roaming Hunger works with the best builders across the country and our experts will connect restaurateurs with one that best fits their needs.