Restaurant Depot Teams with Change Our World for Good to Make a Difference

Change Our World For Good ARK Restaurant Depot
The ARK from Change Our World for Good

From the very first Restaurant Depot store that opened in 1990 in Elmhurst, Queens to its newest store that opened this Fall in La Vista, NE, giving back to the communities ‘Depot serves has always been a priority.

“As you can well imagine with the size of our operation, we are presented with multiple charitable opportunities,” noted Jetro/Restaurant Depot president Stanley Fleishman.

So, it came as no surprise to hear that Restaurant Depot has once again launched an innovative initiative to make a difference for those less fortunate.

With the leadership of Jetro/Restaurant Depot’s Stanley Fleishman, the College Point, NY based company has launched a pilot program with Change Our World for Good. The South Africa based charity’s goal is that every person has the power to change our world for the good. The ARK campaign provides a platform to positively impact yourself and your surroundings with a simple Act of Random Kindness (ARK).

“(ARK) boxes have been created with the intention that people will fill the ARK with spare change,” said Moshe Hecht, the organization’s Executive Director – USA Division. Once the box is full they then hand it to a person in need or a charity of their choice.

“I was intrigued when presented with the ARK program,” said Fleishman. “I held up one of the little ARK boxes and asked our folks, how much money they thought was inside. We were all stunned to realize that there was $30 in random quarters nickels dimes and pennies. Then we started to talk about what an impact that could have on our colleagues. Maybe it buys a dinner or a dress or a book for a child.  Just think what an impact this little money box could have,” Fleishman noted.

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Restaurant Depot has set a goal of everybody in their College Point headquarters to fill one ARK this Fall. Fleishman’s mission is to fill 300 boxes to be used to make a difference.

“Restaurant Depot joins a list of wonderful companies that have worked with us to make a difference,” Hecht added. “Our goal is for every box we fill to grow global traction for this campaign and really get everyone involved in our mission.”

Restaurant Depot, is a division of Jetro Holdings, LLC, headquartered in College Point, NY, which has been supplying independent food businesses with quality products from large cash and carry warehouse stores for almost three decades. By eliminating the overhead of a traditional distributor, focusing on the needs of independent foodservice operators and offering free membership, Restaurant Depot has become the leading low-cost alternative to other foodservice suppliers throughout the United States.

“We congratulate Stanley Fleishman and the Restaurant Depot family on helping us create beacons of light into our world,” Hecht concluded.

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