Rennaker-Led LloydPans Responds To Needs Of Baking & Pizza Industries


LloydPans has built its state of the industry reputation by listening to the needs of the baking and pizza professional.

LloydPansLed by Traci Rennaker, LloydPans is a renowned American manufacturer of commercial baking solutions for the pizza, foodservice and baking industries. Established in 1986, the company manufactures a wide range of products for the food industry that respond to a wide diversity of needs. The Spokane, Washington based firm caters to the needs of many of the nation’s major branded food chains and independent operators.

LloydPans’ growth has come under the tutelage of Rennaker who shared some of its secrets for being successful in such a competitive segment of the food service industry.  “I joined LloydPans in 2011 and we wanted to reach new markets with a line of products that could be produced in a stable responsible and environmentally friendly manner,” said Rennaker.  “We have set the standard with certified green product lines that serve both the baking and pizza industries,” she added. LloydPans accomplished that goal with an on-going commitment to custom metal manufacturing innovation at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the Spokane Valley, Washington.

LloydPansThe Rennaker recipe for success has been built on the trust and importance that she has built with the company’s employee base. “From the customer service/sales professional that is listening to the needs of the customer to the team in the factory that builds the product and then our warehouse distribution team, these are the folks that make it happen every day for the LloydPans customer.” LloydPans has in fact built a vast distribution network that guarantees domestic and worldwide shipping, customer support and quality control. “Our team understands the demands that our end-user customer is dealing with every day to keep their dining patrons happy,” Rennaker noted.

LloydPans growth is backed by its emphasis on its ability to customize, innovate, engineer and design. With that comes an on-going flow of out of the box products. Rennaker’s background has also enabled LloydPans to garner a prestigious manufacturing certification, ISO 9001:2015. “Our goal is to exceed every customer’s expectations through careful listening, attention to detail, sensitivity to needs and fulfillment of promises made,” Rennaker explained. Our best ambassadors are our current customers and we take great pride in listening to each customer, while designing our products according to their customized needs.”

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LloydPansLloydPans takes a very unique approach to the feedback of clientele in the R&D process. Many of their customers provide their recipes to the company. Each recipe is tested in Lloyd Pan’s test kitchen, with results being closely monitored. With rapid changes in the Pizza industry, LloydPans innovation have included a vast array of items including pizza disks, deep dish pans, pizza cutting boards and even pans for speed bake ovens. To accomplish the broadening of its product line, Rennaker has added a full anodizing production line with a second slated for the near future to keep up with demand. Lloyd Pans also has added a powder coat line capacity to its West Coast manufacturing capabilities.

LloydPans success in the baking segment is also a result of that very same commitment to quality manufacturing. “Extra support might be needed because pans take a beating in some bakeries or could be subject to damage if they get jammed in a proofer or elsewhere on the line,” Rennaker explained. We build additional reinforcements into extra-large pans for the type of use and abuse that is common in high-volume operations. The key is to keep pans free of buildup between cycles to make depanning easier.”

LloydPansIn 2017, LloydPans was able to enhance its vision for growth.  Cornerstone Foodservice Group, a newly created company of the Minneapolis equity firm ShoreView Industries, acquired the company. The group’s first acquisition, Spring USA, was completed in September 2016.

“Our ability to stay close to the needs of that customer, is going to keep us ahead of the competition,” Rennaker concluded.  The complete line of LloydPans products will be on display at the upcoming Pizza and Pasta Northeast Expo in booth #803 slated for Atlantic City, October 3rd and 4th.

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