Remco Celebrates 25 Plus Years Of Delivering Pizza Profit Solutions


Since 1989, Romano Moretti has been known as one of the pizza industry’s visionaries. What began with humble beginnings as a new/used equipment and hood fabrication business has grown dramatically.

Today, Remco is known as one of the equipment and supply industry’s most creative manufacturers. The Florida firm’s patented technology is the result of listening carefully to the needs of the restaurant and food service operator. 

Total Food Service recently had the opportunity to chat with Romano about the latest trends on menus and Remco’s newest solutions to meet those changing needs.

How did you get into the industry?

RemcoIn the 80’s, we were in the New/Used equipment business and Hood fabrication. Summer of ’89, we received a service call from a guy with a rotisserie oven. A popular concept at the time, up and coming to say the least. We went to investigate. Repaired his oven and being the visionaries that we were, saw so many opportunities in the design, we decided to design, build and patent a process that would revolutionize the industry.

We entered the rotisserie market with a bang. Over the next few years, we saw the need for our technology in the pizza industry. Hence, the Remco carousel pizza oven.

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Who was the entrepreneur that created the vision for the company?

Romano Moretti

What was the niche that you saw when Remco USA launched?

To provide a product and process to the professional food operators that would eliminate costs, make it easier to operate and give them a dependable product that they could rely on day in and day out. As in all food service operations, owners and operators are always looking for a better mousetrap. We gave it to them.

How have the needs of that customer changed through the years? For instance there’s a lot more operators making pizza than just pizzerias.

For sure. The pizza industry has expanded greatly over the years.

Everyone can create a pizza element into their concept. To maintain our presence in all the potential markets, we began developing the various sizes to fit the needs and demands of the operators. From a gas station, to a corner mom and Pop, to the high volume, corporate full service and institutional operations, we have one for you.

You recently exhibited at the NAFEM show. What new bells and whistles did you bring to the show floor?

This year, the Daytona took on a new exhaust assembly, burner location and size. Also, as a manufacturer and fabricator, always looking to better our line and products, we introduced a new fabricated, custom designed prep/ display table.

Your new Daytona line has created quite a buzz. As you looked at creating the Daytona line… what was the niche you saw?

It’s not a niche, it’s a need. A process of high quality product, cooked fast, at a low cost with the highest efficiency. Easy install, low energy usage, easy to operate and ROI in less than a year. With the industry taking on higher costs in all aspects of the operation, this one saves you money.

Talk about the importance of being able to install a Remco without a hood?

It’s all about cost and flexibility of placement. A hood system cost upwards of $15,000.00 to purchase and install and takes two to three weeks in construction!

Our UL listed Remco ovens only need a direct B-vent like your hot water heater, that means you can place the oven virtually anywhere in the establishment without an unsightly hood and costs… Huge

What kind of creative menu additions with your ovens are you seeing in your travels?

It’s not just pizza. We demonstrate how the Daytona can produce an entire menu. We are able to produce items such as Pork, Beef, Chicken, Chops, Steaks, Filets, as appetizers and main courses. You can literally eliminate grills, flattops, stovetops and fryers with a Daytona designed menu.

You also have a line of rotisseries. Talk about some of the features in those units?

Our rotisserie ovens are again, the most cost effective, easy to use, dependable ovens on the market. We eliminated gear driven spits with a patented gravity driven system. The drive system will not jam or fail and needs no maintenance. Our patented circular cavity, open front design, allows product to cook with very little weight loss. The flicker flame gives you the look of a wood/coal burning oven without the cost and labor. The infrared technology decreases the cook time by approximately 30% and the ovens roll in the door with no assembly needed. Gas efficiency averages 45,000 BTU while cooking with no heat-up time. Cleaning and operating is made easy with removable drip pans, on/off safety pedal and custom designed accessories for any product.

Is your target the end user/restaurateur or the consultant dealer?

We have always been factory direct sales however; it is our goal in the near future to create new synergies with consultants, designers, specifiers and dealers to broaden our presence in this fast paced market.

What’s the next step for a foodservice professional that wants more info on your line?

The simplest way is to call 1-800-98REMCO or visit our websiteWe’re a personalized company taking care of each client individually. Our product line is so unique; it is difficult and lengthy to explain through emails and text messaging. We love the client to come in to our test kitchen to actually see, touch and taste the Remco process.