Restaurant Activity Report Brings Vendor Community Easy and Accurate Lead Source

RAR Restaurant Activity Report

RAR, also known as Restaurant Activity Report, is an initiative that goes back some twenty years. It was the brainchild of Jack Kimball who was curious about the restaurants opening in his hometown area. At the time, there was no one reporting on restaurant activity in the Raleigh, NC area.

A couple of years later Rick Wilcox joined the RAR team as manager.  With Wilcox at the helm, the initiative grew into an online publication/resource that covered pre-opening restaurant activity in five states on the eastern coast of the US. Wilcox soon realized the potential of RAR because after four years as manager he joined forces with a former college colleague named Patrick Moore and together they purchased Restaurant Activity Report. Over the next couple of years, they expanded RAR into a 50 state publication.

The primary objective of this organization is to make essential information about new restaurants available so that restaurant vendors can help those restaurants to open easier and more successfully. RAR also helps restaurant vendors to be first in line when new restaurants open and in this way, they can beat the competition.

This is accomplished by putting out a professionally assembled publication in all 50 states twice per week. Restaurant Activity Report interacts with subscribers by sending out e-alerts which enables those subscribers to check their email and, in this way; they receive from RAR important information about upcoming opportunities in their area. Subscribers are also given access to the RAR website to easily be able to sort leads for their sales teams. 

The spectrum of Restaurant Activity Report subscribers runs the gamut from equipment and supply vendors to food and beverage firms. RAR can help them to generate qualified leads, which can be converted into new business opportunities for those companies. RAR subscribers receive an e-alert, normally on Tuesday where after they can open the twice-a-week report on their computer or even on their smartphone.

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“Our goal is to make the data as portable and accessible as possible so that the vendor community can maximize the use of their time on the street,” Rick Wilcox explained. “Think about how many times you are on a sales call and two days later you had to drive back to do a call that turned out was just around the corner.”

There can be no doubt that RAR is providing restaurant vendors with a very valuable service and this leaves the question, where has all of the data been obtained which is published in this publication? The system is based on reliable and trusted market research, which has been obtained by a team of researchers, which is employed by RAR. These professionals will search through dozens of resources every day with only one objective in mind and that is to find restaurants which are about to open their doors. Extensive time and effort is invested in order to ensure that information, which is provided to restaurant vendors is accurate and useful.

For the industry vendor looking to stay a step ahead, RAR can provide that edge. In today’s technology driven instant satisfaction marketplace quality leads from RAR can make a big difference.

To learn more about Restaurant Activity Report, visit their website.