Presenture Named National Foodservice Sales Agency Of Record For Go Veggie And Bonta Divina

Bonta Divina Tiramisu

Presenture LLC announced this week it is the national foodservice sales agency of record for GO VEGGIE® and Bonta DivinaIn its role, Presenture’s team of sales, marketing and support professionals will build and manage a national broker network for GO VEGGIE and Bonta Divina.

PresentureThis managed broker network, supported by the Presenture go-to-market strategy and uniform reporting, will eliminate/reduce the need for a manufacturer-owned foodservice sales team, making it the industry’s most economically prudent foodservice business model for emerging foodservice manufacturers.

“Having the opportunity to scale and accelerate the foodservice growth of two stellar brands like GO VEGGIE and Bonta Divina is both rewarding and exciting,” said Michael O. Maher, CEO and founder of Presenture. “We look forward to expanding the footprint of both companies in the foodservice arena.”

“Consumers increasing demands for wanting to eat cleaner foods that are minimally processed and without GMO’s make GO VEGGIE and Bonta Divina on trend in the foodservice market environment,” according to April Spears, Vice President of Marketing for Presenture.  “You will see the trend for more and more foodservice operators seeking these types of products for their menus, responding to their customers’ changing needs.”


Considered the pioneers of plant-based cheeses, Galaxy Nutritional Foods Inc. was founded over 40 years ago for health-conscious consumers and is proud to remain one of America’s leading providers of great tasting, dairy-free cheeses. Today, under Galaxy’s GO VEGGIE brand, the company continues to innovate and offer consumers healthier, plant-based cheese choices. Foodservice operators can expand their menu offerings and differentiate themselves from the competition by welcoming emerging guest desires with versatile plant-based choices.  GO VEGGIE empowers people to say yes by cultivating inclusive dining for today’s lifestyles.  Vegan?  Dairy allergy?  Clean eater?  Health conscious?  GO VEGGIE has you covered.  GO VEGGIE delivers cheesy goodness consumers know and love.  Free from lactose, dairy, gluten, GMO’s and cholesterol, GO VEGGIE is the answer to stretchy, melty, cheesy foods with their plant based cheese products. 

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“Working with Presenture allows us to deliver the healthier way to love cheese to a much broader audience as we will now be reaching consumers such as pizzerias, bakery cafes, colleges and universities across the country, while we focus our attention on what we do best – manufacturing plant-based products and flavors to satisfy every cheese-lover’s craving,” said Bill McWhinnie, New Business Development Sales Manager for GO VEGGIE. 

Bonta Divina

Founded in Varese, Italy in 1978, A-27 S.p.A. is the company behind the Bonta Divina brand.  A-27 S.p.A. is 100% owned by the Emmi Group, a publicly traded company.  Bonta Divina offers single-serve, ready-to-eat, authentic Italian desserts geared towards those consumers wanting to eat cleaner foods.  They are non-GMO and made with the highest quality, minimally processed raw ingredients such as free-range eggs and rBGH free milk.  Perhaps the most exciting feature of the Bonta Divina brand of chilled desserts is the unique packing.  Designed specifically for the rigors of foodservice kitchens, the innovative pop-up container allows for quick, individual extraction and easy plateability.  Busy chefs will appreciate this quick-to-plate feature especially for large catering and banquet events.  With an elevated finish, the product is still customizable to look made ‘in-house’.  So go ahead and decorate to your taste: you are the chef!

“Taking the sales and marketing of our desserts in the United States off our plate is not only practical, but knowing that Presenture has established relationships with brokers and distributors nationally is a tremendous relief,” said Nicholas Tangredi, Business Development Manager for Bonta Divina’s United States Operations. “We are so impressed with Presenture’s knowledge, passion and proven processes.”

For more information about Presenture and its services, visit their website.

Presenture, a national foodservice sales agency based in Houston, Texas, excels in helping emerging foodservice manufacturers develop, execute and accelerate their commercial strategies. Presenture’s team of sales, marketing and support professionals build and manage a national broker network for its manufacturer-clients. This managed broker network, supported by its go-to-market workshop and uniform reporting for four regions and 65 markets, eliminates or reduces the need for a manufacturer-owned foodservice sales team. Presenture’s proven approach saves clients time and money, making it the industry’s most economically prudent foodservice business model for emerging foodservice manufacturers.