PNC Bank Offers Full Menu Of Specialty Services And Expertise For Local Restaurant Community

Q.  Why is it important for food service operators to consider a bank like PNC?
To help meet the cash management requirements that are unique to retail operations, for one reason.  We offer The PNC Advantage for Retail Businesses – a package of services that provides a comprehensive solution to money management needs. This package isn't just designed for smaller retailers. We can also meet the sophisticated financial needs of more complex businesses, such as larger retail businesses, as well as franchise operations, at

Q.  Can you tell us a little about these services?
For restaurants, we offer credit card transactions; cash drop box, equipment leasing, cash advances, payroll services, savings accounts. PNC Merchant Services offers a variety of solutions for restaurants. Our Clover Point-of-Sale (POS) platform offers an affordable alternative to traditional POS systems, meeting the needs of many businesses that may have been unable to use a POS in the past. The platform also can help them market and build their business with programs to help manage their social media efforts, electronic gift card and loyalty programs. New apps for the Clover platform are showing up every week, Another program for restaurants is PNC’s Remote Safe solution, a way for a restaurant owner to process cash at his location – batching nightly to increase efficiency in cash flow and making the environment safer for employees by not having to run deposits to the bank. Finally, when it comes to equipment and other credit needs, a restaurant owner would work directly with his or her business banker to ensure they have access to credit through our customized financing solutions. PNC Cash Flow Insight is a way to see potential upcoming cash shortfalls and strategically manage your use of credit,

Q.  Do you offer anything in the area of payroll?
PNC offers a variety of payroll solutions. Our Intuit Online Payroll offers business owners a fast, accurate and less expensive way to pay their employees from anywhere they have Internet access. We offer direct deposit and other solutions that make payroll processing easy and efficient. From Money Market accounts to sweep accounts that move money automatically, PNC offers a variety of savings solutions for restaurant owners, tailored to their cash flow cycle.

Q.  Do you have programs for food and beverage distributors?
Yes.  We offer receivable financing, purchase order financing, business cash advances, and revenue- based financing (through Automated Clearing House). Ensuring clients have the right access to the credit they need is important. As part of the cash flow conversation, our bankers engage our customers to determine the unique needs of their business and align them with the right credit facility to support these needs. Since every business is different, our credit solutions are tailored to the specific needs of that business.

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Q.  How do these services help a food service operator become more efficient and profitable?
We want to hear how each business operates, understand their goals and the challenges they face. These are unique to every business, so this conversation is an incredibly valuable first step. This enables us to build a great relationship with our customers and customize innovative cash flow solutions, enabling a business owner to optimize their cash flow day to day and into the future. PNC Bank is a complete financial services provider.  Beyond tailoring solutions for the business itself, we also offer solutions for employees, business owners and their families as well.

Q.  How are you currently reaching potential food service operator clients?
PNC is dedicated to serving businesses of all sizes and industries. We educate our bankers on the nuances of the retail and restaurant business industry and how to tailor our customer conversations and services accordingly. We also have a merchant services division that focuses on solutions to accelerating receivables since we know it's important to this category of business.

Q.   What is the next step for a food service operator who wants to work with PNC Business Banking Services?
Visit, call 855-762-2365 or stop by any PNC Bank Branch and ask to speak with a business banker.