Paulaner Brewery Crosses the Atlantic

Micro brewery crosses the Atlantic With the shipment of an entire micro brewery, preparations for the opening of the new Paulaner Bräuhaus in New York City are running high.

By shipping an entire micro brewery to New York, the Paulaner Brewery is adding another chapter to its successful export history. From late spring 2013, beer enthusiasts will be able to enjoy freshly brewed Paulaner and typical Bavarian lifestyle in the centre of the American metropolis – approximately 6,500 km as the crow flies from Paulaner’s headquarters in Munich. Heart of the Bräuhaus, which covers more than 4,000 square metres, is its very own micro brewery, which is currently being shipped from Bavaria to New York City.

A journey across the Atlantic
With the shipment of the micro brewery, the preparations for the grand opening of the first Paulaner Bräuhaus in the US have taken a big leap forward. With an overall weight of more than 12 tons and a height of about 3.2 metres, this is the first ever micro brewery that is being shipped from Germany to New York. Designed by the world famous brewery builder Caspary, the apparatus will soon produce approximately 1,000 litres of beer per day. To make sure every Paulaner beer tapped in New York will have the original, full-bodied flavour,

Press Information
Paulaner is also sending Andreas Heidenreich to the Big Apple, a skilled master brewer from Germany. Fresh Paulaner beer: a worldwide success. Jürgen Schenk, chief executive at Paulaner Bräuhaus Consult GmbH in Munich, had already been keen to conquer the US market with the successful Paulaner Bräuhaus concept for some time. Two years ago, Schenk finally found a suitable business partner for this ambitious project: Rudy Tauscher, a businessman originally from Bavaria. The future chief executive, who is fulfilling a lifelong dream in opening his own brewery, has already been living in the Big Apple since 1995, and as a longstanding manager of a five-star hotel, he brings along valuable experience.

In addition to the opening of the world’s 22nd Paulaner Bräuhaus in New York City, the tradition-rich business has another reason to celebrate: Paulaner Weissbier is still the most popular beer of its kind in the world. Available in more than 70 countries around the globe, the Paulaner Brewery Group achieved record figures last year with 2.9 million hectolitres of beer sold.

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A fresh impulse for the Bowery
In the last century, the Bowery – a tradition-steeped street in the south of Manhattan – was primarily known for its numerous immigrants from Germany and for its beer gardens and beer halls. In future, the new Paulaner Bräuhaus with its centuries- old brewing tradition will revive these almost forgotten times and give the entire Lower East Side a fresh impulse. On an area of about 4,000 square metres – halls, in which famous cabaret acts used to perform – visitors will be able to enjoy freshly brewed Paulaner beer as well as typical Bavarian cuisine and lifestyle.

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About Paulaner
The Paulaner Brewery was founded by monks in 1634. Originally, the clerics just brewed enough beer for their own requirements. The company’s headquarters remain in Munich to this day. In total, approx. 670 employees work for the company. With more than 2.2 million hectolitres of beer brewed every year, Paulaner is one of Germany’s and the world’s leading breweries.