Party Rental Celebrates First Successful Year In Boston

Party Rental Boston

Party Rental Ltd. is celebrating the first anniversary of its Boston operations. The award-winning company is recognized in the Northeast for crafting the vision and infrastructure for a perfect special event or party.

Party Rental LtdFrom its roots in Metro New York, Party Rental has become the nation’s leading event rental company. “We offer the widest variety and largest inventory of rental products in the nation and our design team strives hard to bring the best out of each event and celebration that we host,” noted Sandy Smith. The energetic executive has worked tirelessly to lead Party Rental’s launch in her native Greater Boston area.

Founded in 1972 by Michael and Sunny Halperin in Teterboro, New Jersey, the company now covers the Northeast corridor from its newest outpost in Boston to Washington, D.C.,  “Being a family owned business really gives us a unique understanding of our customers needs,” Smith continued. “When you combine that with a service platform driven by state of the industry technology and visionary design, you have a recipe to create the spectacular.”

“Over the past several years, we have made a commitment to design and produce much of our own furniture,” Smith explained. “Boston and New England were ready for a company that could blend innovation with technology and combine new trends with the prevailing party traditions. That has enabled us to connect with the New England event planning community. “

“There’s no question that our being a family owned business has been a key to our ability to turn on a dime,” Smith explained. “To accomplish that we have a full metal shop and wood shop. That shop is now creating some of our own ceramics. So the end result has been the ability to create tables that match exactly what our customers are after. Our goal is to combine versatility and creativity into our furniture. That has given us the vision to create new market trends including the high farm tables that you now see everywhere.”

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Party Rental’s trademark has always been its ability to bring fresh inspiration to its clients and add a tailored focus to each celebration. “The goal for our furniture is versatility and creativity. We were the first ones to come up with high farm tables that we make ourselves just some of the cutting edge things we do as far as you know the meld between the woodworking and the metal shop.”

Under the leadership of its Executive Vice President Alan Gottlich, Smith has also helped build a team of seasoned sales professionals. “Whether it’s my counterpart Jim McManus in New York or Sandra or Hannah in our Philadelphia office or Debbie Barnes who actually ran a catering firm, we know how to source a solution,” Smith outlined. “Every night our computers expedite the movement of all of our products through tractor trailers between the branches.”

The very same commitment is found in the firm’s commitment to combining technology and old-fashioned service to its customer base. Party Rental has showrooms to serve the New England marketplace in Boston and Franklin, MA (serving Providence, RI) and Stamford, CT.  “We then combine the old and the new so that a bride can be in our Washington, DC showroom and her mother is in our Boston facility and they can look together via Skype with our sales personnel at the same products and make the decisions that need to be made. Smith has also built a team of seasoned sales professionals to Party Rental’s Boston/New England team.  Their backgrounds span from Wolfgang Puck at the Museum of Science to the Sheraton Hotel.

Party Rental’s team of experts also travel worldwide in search for innovative product designs and inspirations for its valued clients. As a result more than 100 new products are added to the company’s inventory every year. 

“We have a dedicated team of Event Rental Specialists ready to assist you with your orders, out of which nine are Certified Event Rental Professionals (C.E.R.P.),” Smith continued.  “From Boston and New England’s large college and university community to corporate social celebrations, we ensure that our clients’ events are special.”

The event planning professional has come to expect “a genie out of a bottle” from Party Rental.  “When it comes to customizing each of their events we knew that if we took those farm tables to 42” that you could fit a bar stool under them,” said Smith. “We also were able to help eliminate the cookie cutter look of rectangular tables at a wedding and enable the guest in the back to actually see the band. For instance in Maine, we just did a wedding in which the tables were placed to form a design. We also suggested two sets of china and two sets of glassware and two sets of chairs to create a really stunning visual.”

In addition, the company also has an inspiring spirit of giving back to the community by donating to local charities and green initiatives in the areas and communities it serves.

Most importantly, as she has always done throughout her legendary career, Smith not only builds and directs teams but knows how to create a successful vision.  “Whether it’s my counterpart Jim McManus in New York or Sandra or Hanna in our Philadelphia office or Debbie Bard who actually ran a catering firm, we know how to source a solution.”

With Gottlich at the helm and Smith steering the ship in Greater Boston, Party Rental is very much on its way to creating a New England icon.

To learn more about Party Rental, please visit their website.