Padilla Brings Full Spectrum Of Latin Flavors To Tri-State Food Service Operators

As most restaurants have learned, the spicier the better, these days.  And The Padilla Group, a top supplier of brands with Hispanic and Latin flavors, is a large part of the reason.

Over the last 10 years, Hispanic and Latin flavors have seen an increase in popularity. As the trend has grown, the customers The Padilla Group serves has grown as well, according to Amy Colella, Vice President, Marketing and Communications. “We sell and market our brands across all business segments nationally. Having quality authentic products is important to all grocery retailers as well as chefs. Hispanic brands are no longer limited to only being found in Hispanic grocery stores or restaurants now,” she says.

Padilla Group represents two of the most popular Mexican brands in the market with distribution in over 25,000 independent grocery stores, food service distributors, and both regional and national chain retailers. In addition to representing and managing the brand marketing for El Yucateco, the #1 selling habanero sauce in the US, The Padilla Group also owns their own brand line, 
Don Victor.

Padilla Innovation, a division of The Padilla Group, works closely with all our brands, and customer partners to ensure that the newest flavor trends, recipes, social media tactics etc. are being employed to help our retailers and restaurants delight their customers with the fresh bold flavor our products provide while driving growth for each of our businesses. “We have a team of sales and marketing professionals with over 20 years experience in this industry, we understand the ever changing market and believe that it takes an integrated approach and continuous dialog to deliver the right flavors, product innovation and price to retailers and foodservice departments.”

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Colella explains, The Padilla Group is made up of four divisions, including its sales arm; the Padilla Innovation, the marketing division, Padilla Logistics, and Padilla Foods. Today Padilla Foods manufactures, sources and co-packs products for the Don Victor brand. “We also do specialty projects with other manufacturers as well,” she says. “If a customer or brand wants to create a new product, or expand from our existing line, we help work through all of the logistics, strategy, creative, concept testing etc., all the way through to final product. “With over 40 years experience as an importer of ethnic foods from both Spain and Mexico, we have many partners and a deep understanding of how to go from concept to market.”

“The company’s own brand, Don Victor, was developed to create products that blend Latin flavor and style with more main stream, or every day use products,” Colella says. It includes sweeteners and sauces, all based on authentic Mexican culture, style and taste. “Our most popular product is pure honey, packed with a chuck of honeycomb inside a glass globe jar. Having the comb inside is very traditional for Mexico and Spain,” Colella says.

For our chefs, El Yucateco is by far the most well known and loved brand in our portfolio today. “Hot sauce has exploded in popularity over the last 10 years, everyone uses it and there are literally hundreds of flavors available to choose from. It’s like ketchup, it is a staple condiment for all homes and restaurants. Some restaurants offer 20 or more varieties, either on the table or set up as a self serve bar. We have been selling El Yucateco in the food service segment, for over 10 years. It started out small, primarily on tables in Mexican restaurants, but in the last few years, it’s moved to the back-of-the-house and we have chefs bring the flavor of habanero into new recipes every day. It’s becoming more and more incorporated into every day American dishes. We love working with our restaurant partners to create new flavorful dishes to add to the menu for special themed nights or as permanent additions.

“Mexican Food has long past the days of tacos and enchiladas, Mexican influenced flavors and spices are everywhere now, and in all types of foods, from BBQ to sweet and savory dishes. Today’s consumers are continuously looking for new, different, authentic and flavorful. New twists on traditional recipes are wildly popular and really easy to do with El Yucateco, from kicking up a ham and swiss Panini with habanero raspberry preserves, to a deep smoky spicy chocolate fondue for the dessert menu, there is no end to the flavors we can help create.”