Spain is Now Leading the US Market of Olive Oil Imports

Fictional Documentary about Spanish Olive Oil Reveals the Truth about Several Historical Events

Olive Oils From Spain has just launched a disruptive online campaign that has been designed to share the hidden knowledge about olive oils from Spain. In phase one, it is based on a fun fictional documentary called Oliveleaks, whose name is already a declaration of intent. It uncovers the dark conspiracy that has made it impossible for Americans to know the truth about Olive Oils from Spain.

The premise is that the researcher — the “man in the shade” — travels all over the United States looking for evidence of that novel conspiracy. An investigation that offers surprising results that take us to the hippie movement of the 60s, the Bermuda Triangle, alien sightings … A fiction designed to capture the attention and curiosity of the consumer. In a second phase, the campaign portrays five messages, which under the generic name “Taste the Truth”, showcases data and facts of why Olive Oils from Spain are the world leaders in quality, sustainability, versatility and, of course, the best bet for health.

Testimonials of great North American experts like the cardiologist and professor in the University of Columbia Dr. Mitchell Fishbac, the Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Industry Leadership of the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) Greg Drescher, the chef and Owner of Colmado and Tertulia in NYC Seamus Mullen, the Nutritious Life Ambassador and Founder of The Well Necessities Nutrition Lisa Hayim or the oleologist and former judge at the New York International Olive Oil Competition Nicholas Coleman. The audiovisual pieces will take the American public to the platform of the campaign –– to discover these virtues for themselves, under the slogan “Discovering the truth, it is as simple as tasting it”.

olive tree olive oilThis is truly an innovative campaign consisting of nine different films with 27 versions and a teaser, in addition to five testimonials in an interview format and a production of 30 video-recipes. In addition, Olive Oils from Spain has partnered with Food Innovation Group and Tasty, weaving a careful network of collaborators, bloggers and invited firms.

Also, the material was shot and produced in the United States and Spain and will be disseminated in the digital environment through a strong programmatic campaign. Some amazing facts about olive oil are included such as: according to the data obtained by the Commercial Department of the United States, Census Bureau, Spain is the top leader in the Olive Oil American market. Nearly 41 percent of imported olive oil actually comes from Spain.

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The most surprising fact is that the oil imports have increased in the last two decades, and specifically the oil imports from Spain have increased by six times. Spain produces half of the olive oil in the world. Some interesting facts include:

  • Spain has more than six million acres of olive grove and 340 million olive trees and it also has the biggest surface of this kind of farming in the world.
  • A unique landscape that nowadays is a candidate to be recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO.
  • Spain has about thirty types of designation of origin, 1.755 oil mills, 1.500 bottling plants and 22 oil refineries as well.

Thus, Spain has become the world leader in the production and sales of olive oil, and Spain leads in the quality category as well. Pedro Barato, President of the Spanish Olive Oil Interprofessional Organization, shared, “The American market has a lot of growth potential because right now the consumption of olive oil is gathered at the East and West Coasts. We can add new consumers around the whole country and increase the use frequency of this healthy product. We hope that, as it is happening in other markets, Spain is going to be recognized as a reference of one of the best olive oils in the world.”

Spain has an incredible amount of potential because of the wide variety of extra virgin olive oils in the market. Spanish olive oils are cultivated with more than 200 types of olives, each kind with a specific aroma and taste so the consumer has a big range to choose from. Whether that is an extra virgin olive oil with a sweet taste and smell to a more complex and strong oil. Each type is aimed to enhance different food products.

Delicious whole fish cooked in extra virgin olive oil.

In addition, the olive oil is a key point in the Spanish gastronomy and in the food sector of the country, it also provides numerous health benefits. Scientists all over the world and the prestige study PREDIMED, have proved the positive benefits of consuming olive oil, as it helps to fight against health injuries, such as cardiac diseases or diabetes. In fact, the Mediterranean diet was recommended as one of the healthiest diets in the last edition of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans of the American government.

Could there be a better reason than health to include Spanish olive oil as a staple in your diet? The unique mix of experience, tradition and innovation combined with a good flavor, healthy properties and international recognition make the extra virgin olive oil a very singular product. Next time that you go to the supermarket think about the health and the joy of your family and choose the best option: Olive Oils from Spain.

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